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October 2017

Din Over Diwali

What’s all this hue and cry over Diwali crackers. If people wish to celebrate the festival of lights with luminous and loud crackers so be it. The popular argument is that pollution levels shoot up and this leads to very… Continue Reading →

Protecting Public Property is Every Citizen’s Responsibility

Deepthi Musley Blog page Deepthi Musley FB page A Barbaric action, lack of thoughtfulness, no sense of belonging, has nothing to do with “illiteracy. In every sense, a good citizen of any nation is the representative of his or her… Continue Reading →

Into the Dream – An excerpt from The Wanderer

She saw him in her dreams A burnt, withered, wretched beast Being played by fate’s cruel hands Forsaken by all, tossed onto scorching sands She reached out to him Soft hands to calluses grim He shirked away For she promised… Continue Reading →

The language of silence is the language of heart.

The language of silence is the language of heart. HeartSpeaks can be listened only when the mind is willing to embrace silence. Mind is the monkey, keeps on fidgeting around with everything in life. Most of the humanity have problem… Continue Reading →

Being Profound

What makes someone profound? As Gratiano in a play by Shakespeare asserts, there are many who maintain a silent and grim exterior in order to be recognized by the world for their profound wisdom. But such men according to him… Continue Reading →

Every Morning

I have been experiencing life like never before these days. What’s happening is again I am trying to figure out for myself. All in all what I can say, the vastness of this life does make me wake up every… Continue Reading →

Little things

Little things; little things always add up together to form great memories. These little things have a power beyond measure. They can do unimaginable things to a person. They can warm our hearts like a mother’s broth in cold winter;… Continue Reading →

What are your set patterns of life?

  As said by Steve jobs you can only connect dots by looking backwards in life. When I look back into my life, yes I can connect dots and also I found a pattern in me which helped me to… Continue Reading →

Untold story!

Your torn cloth! An untold story itself, Plainly confined to the statistics, And sometimes to a sociology class, Or to a motivating lecture, Or to your heart! Being far from you, Often, You occupy my imaginations, And myriad thoughts. No… Continue Reading →

Vipassana Meditation – A Journey Within

Its all about striking the right balance in life……. The focus of life is towards attaining liberation and vipassana is one such way to focus on one’s inner self and work towards developing a focused way of living. Basically,Vipassana is… Continue Reading →

My Travel Video

It has been a pleasure and sense of deepest joy with more and more readers visiting my blog. I can really see their interest, when they request me to share more pictures, videos, stories and the way travel transformed my… Continue Reading →

The Spectrum of Two Worlds Spectrum of two Worlds   Its phenomenal to know, that one among the many facets of God’s creation is “YOU”. And there is another special someone created by God for you, who helps you find yourself in this lost… Continue Reading →

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