Self reflection-a key ingredient for success

Self reflection-a key ingredient for success

Self reflection-a key ingredient for success

Self reflection is a key ingredient for success, the other ingredients being purpose, passion, self determination and confidence.   Self reflection means productive thinking and to ponder over.

 “A man must find time for himself.  Time is what we spend our life with.  If we are not careful we find others spending it for us….”-Carl sandburg

Today in the world of social media, we lose time in checking the phone more than 150 times a day.  We are losing time in watching television and internet.  We are trained to leave everything to check updates. With this we drain out of our energy and time.  A precious time for ourselves is all that we need. during which we would like to ask questions like ‘who am I?, where have I been?, Where am I going?’  This  checking in between whether we are going in the right direction is called ‘Self Reflection’.  It is like checking the food for its taste while cooking, after adding each ingredient.

Change, grow and live

Each one of us have a story within.  A story of conviction; a story of how we sailed through many challenges of life.  When we reflect upon our story many questions arise- what went through our mind while facing these challenges?  What are the better ways and means to face these challenges?  what are the optimal solutions?  We contemplate on these questions that open new pages of success in our story.  We also learn about ourselves  This is how Self reflection enables us to change, grow and live.

Think, feel and imagine

As already said the practice of ‘self reflection’, changes our way of thinking.  Thinking in the sense-we feel every situation an opportunity for personal growth;  We feel an overwhelming confidence that cover our deficiencies,

Thinking helps to grow, feeling helps to attract and imagining helps to create.  Thus we add layers of experience to our stories.

It’s not by muscle, speed or physical dexterity that great things are achieved but by reflection, force of character and judgement


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