If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet, He Said. –  Rachel Wolchin

I like to describe myself as a traveller who lives by the maxim “Carpe Diem”. I fervently believe in the dictum “Serendipity is the traveller’s greatest ally”.

My passion for travel started with my father taking us around to different places in India to visit temples and nature spots. This moved on to travelling with the eldest cousins of my family. In my graduation years I travelled to places around Pune. Taking further charge of my travels, I started solo travelling.

The idea of travels has moved from visiting temples or nature spots as a tourist to spending time with local communities, cultures, geographies, enjoying local foods and little things like sunrise and sunsets. It is more about having a profound experience of life travelling thoughts and emotions along with places.

This blog gives information about the various places I travelled along with my experiences while travelling. I hope I would be able to stimulate the readers to travel far and wide and help them with the information to pre-equip them for their journeys.