Your torn cloth! An untold story itself,
Plainly confined to the statistics,
And sometimes to a sociology class,
Or to a motivating lecture,
Or to your heart!

Being far from you, Often,
You occupy my imaginations,
And myriad thoughts.
No doubt, you heartacheing pain,
More then my understanding,

Within malnourished body and pale skin,
Many days without food,
Many nights without sleep,
The dampness of your eyes,
In the purlieus of painful memories of life.

I often lost in feelings for you
Does your heart find any single reason,
To rejoice , to merry!
Your withered tears; a dried brook!
Grieves are like an old pebble in your heart.

O’ lovely kids, a pang of pain,
Somewhere inside me,
Do you know? It is only for you thee.
Curse me please for my fragility,
Spit on me for my disability,
soaking tears for your broken life,
I paint my words for your teary eyes.

copyright reserved. 29jun 2017 Nitusmita Saikia