Words for self!

Chains got broken,
No more behind the iron bar
Of patriarchy!
Caged and tied within the entangled strands of society.

For ages!
behind the closed door,
Darken wall sheltering your breath ,
Now falling down being fragile to hold your mad dash towards light,
And sing dirges on pyre of your slavery.

Sprouting era of freed existence ,
veils are unveiling,
Echoing to the world,
Words of revolution!
Drizzling new thoughts and values on the reign of man
Your soul seek for
New horizons of enlightenment.

Cherishing time to accomplish what was in your heart,
wishes now not dormant inside your pale eyes,
Seeds sown around your heartache long before,
under the current of your tears!

Clinging to the dreams,
You fought a great war,
A battle against so called
Social stigma and discrimination ,
A fight for entity,
A fight for identity,
A warrior’s march to victory,
It is Women’s march to empowerment.

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