Mindset and Belief

Mindset and Belief

Mindset and Belief

Mindset and Belief

I had a great curiosity why some people bounce very high in their life while some still stay at the bottom.  I wanted to probe into the strategies of truly successful people.  I wanted to know what went through their minds and what they felt.  This curiosity lies in millions of people who want to succeed in their lives.  A lot of books pertaining to the habits of highly successful people have been published but very little has been discussed about the mindsets they possess.  In this article I would like to bring in a sharp contrast between the mediocre people and people who have realized their dreams.  The reason why I want you to know the importance of beliefs and mindset is, to give a deeper understanding of the necessity of a right mindset that will help you to grow progress and achieve.

What are beliefs and mindsets?  The ideas, thoughts and notions that you perceive to be true, that you feel ingrained in your minds are beliefs.  Mindsets are caused because of the beliefs that lie inside your mind.  For progress and growth, to achieve better and to be successful, mindset plays an important role.  If you analyze the mindsets of great people like Richard Branson, Bill gates, Elon musk, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela and others you find that they all possessed a similar mindset.  Success is not something that happens because of inheritance or learnt behaviour but it is because of mindset.

What sets apart the truly successful from the mediocre?  Why is that successful people are counterintuitive and different from most other people?  Many psychologists have tried to explain this in their own way.  The most modern and appropriate is the theory of Carol Dweck on mindsets.  She delves deeply into the subject and has propounded that there are two types of mindsets- the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.

Every human being has a potential for growth but zillions have not reached their potential.  They under use their potential and hence do not realize their dreams.  In the early days people believed either somebody is intelligent or dumb.  They do things or they don’t do things.  They never believed that one can stretch his intelligence and learn things what seemed impossible in the beginning.  They believed that intelligence is constant.  They never knew that persistence, and hard work can increase intelligence.  Modern psychologists are of the opinion that people learn through passion, effort and persistence.  They divide people not as intelligent and dumb but as learners and non-learners.

All learners have a growth mindset and non learners a fixed mindset.  Let us see the stark differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.  When you observe around, you see many people complaining and cribbing.  They always find something wrong in the system, something wrong about others or something wrong with the circumstance.  They are never at ease and composed.  For all the failures that they have encountered in their lives, they feel it is either because of the circumstance or the system.  They never blame themselves and believe that people are successful because of their luck.  These people are people with fixed mindsets.  They are the normal or mediocre people who set limitations on their minds.  Their personality neither allows them to improve their basic skills and abilities nor allows them to learn new skills.  They don’t love challenges and are complacent with whatever they have achieved.  They don’t dare to accept tasks that they feel are beyond their capability.  They don’t feel the need to be innovative and curious to learn.

There goes a saying that once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it. Therefore there is a need to change from fixed mindset to a growth mindset.  Folks with growth mindset are eternal learners.  They don’t limit their minds but stretch to grasp more and more things.  They are unstoppable.  Once they reach a goal, they set another goal for themselves. Carol Dweck experimented on children to bring out the differences between fixed mindset and growth mindset.   She gave some children to arrange puzzled pictures that were both easy and hard.  She observed that some children started with easy puzzles and repeated to do those several times. They didn’t try the harder ones but few children started with easy puzzles and as they completed tried a harder puzzle.  Thus they went on doing puzzles that offered them greater degree of difficulty.  The first set of children who did not try harder puzzles is children with fixed mind set.  The other set of children who raised their difficulty level were the children with a growth mind set.  Folks with a growth mindset look for challenges and innovativeness.  They possess persistence, persuasion, and passion.  They see possibilities in every difficult situation.

I’m sure by now you are lured to develop a growth mindset.  It’s not all that difficult.

  • Everybody who has accomplished kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all. They didn’t take failure seriously but coped with failure by seeing a new possibility. So by making every adversity an opportunity, you can definitely succeed.
  • Secondly, perseverance is the most important quality that you have to develop to accomplish great works.  Come what may don’t stop pursuing your dreams.  It’s just not enough to have dreams but work for it to realize.
  • Thirdly, never see negativity in things. Whenever negative thought comes to your mind, immediately replace it by a positive thought.  Man becomes as he thinks.
  • Accept jobs that seem harder and impossible. Then look for methods to accomplish the work. You’ll truly find innovative ways to finish the assigned task. Never lay limitations on your mind.
  • Lastly goal setting is important. Set specific goals.  Once the goal is achieved, set a higher goal

Be a learner throughout your life.  Learning is from cradle to grave they say.  Henry Ford said “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young”.  So to raise you higher from mediocrity a growth mindset is essential.




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