” Apology is a lovely perfume , it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift.” Anonymous. According to my experience and self learning and self realization in life , an apology comes in three parts; a. I am sorry, b. It was my fault; c.how do I make things right. A relationship will never consist of good times only. There will be downfalls and rise ups togather. Dealing with your loved ones and the people around you whom you connect to , is never easy. We look at people around us and expect them to be perfect most of the times, as though they are incapable of making mistakes, often forgetting that they are in fact humans like us only. Even though 2 people who are constantly close or in touch , have to build mutual understanding and trust to sustain their relationship, maybe personal or professional or otherwise. In order to understand the concept of misunderstandings followed by an apology, people have to basically get a gist of their mindset and their drawbacks. A huge part of an apology comes from keeping blasting egos at bay and acknowledging our own flaws, as to err is always human. Yes, it is super easy to point out at the faults of others, rather than looking into our ownselves to see if we are at fault. Playing the blame game is where all of it starts going downhill. Instead of accusing one another, we need to look into ourselves and see that have we inflicted or wounded someone intentionally or unintentionally? Is it something we started? Or were we provocative ? Once you get the answers to these questions, it becomes easier to apologise or accept an apology. We often want others to apologise first and when that happens we are simply giving our ego more importance than the relationship. An apology does not make us appear as a weak individual but rather as someone who is brave enough to accept mistakes. Mutual love, bonding and respect grows when both the individuals in a relationship understand that none of them are perfect, understand that every mistake has to be forgiven, no matter how major it is, as long as a sincere apology has been made. It is essential to know that the first one to apologize is the bravest. No relationships have smooth roads, there are huge bumps too, which can be surpassed with something as simple as a SORRY. Every apology should also have a specific intention. Sometimes people apologise either to surrender out of compulsion or to stop an argument. But a genuine apology should come straight from the heart. People generally tend to look out for ways to defend their mistakes rather than accepting the facts . Relationships are not about who gives in to who, they are about who is humble enough to acknowledge their mistakes. These words ” I AM SORRY” , are often said without much of an effort. We often say things or act in a moment of impulse, not realising about the outcome of our own actions. More important than saying a hollow sorry, is to mend the issue. All of us apologise at some point or the other in life, but how many of us genuinely care enough to make the required amendments. How many of us will genuinely do everything in our control, to make things better. When we understand the unspoken rule of an apology i.e a promise to our ownselves not to repeat the same mistakes twice, is when we truly deserve forgiveness. Today, most of us fortunately can differentiate between a sincere apology and a phony one. An apology should never be ruined with a justification or an excuse. We should learn to be better humans and understand that no one is picture perfect and at the same time make others also understand that we are also not picture perfect. We should guarantee people arpund us that by apologizing we will try not to repeat the same mistakes twice, but we cannot guarantee them that we will never ever make mistakes, as at the end of the day we are all humans. The aftermath of an apology is the most crucial situation, as down the lane to be at peace with ourselves, we have to learn to forgive ourselves and also others for all the mistakes committed. Being too stubborn to forgive or being too stubborn to apologize, causes irreparable damage to a relationship. We need to be patient with our loved ones and with the people we connect with and give them some time to let things calm down. Rome was not built in a day. Holding grudges and reminiscing over past mistakes is unhealthy for the mind, body and soul. We have to live in the present to analyze ourselves as a whole. Comparing one anothers mistake or making the other person feel guilty inspite of a sincere apology causes major setbacks in a relationship. Once we have apologised or forgiven, we should move on. Letting go is another secret to a healthy relationship. So never ever miss a chance to apologize or take an sincere apology in tough situations, because they are the perfect opportunities to start afresh. So I have embarked on this mission to genuinely apologise with a good intent when I err. Are you also ready to embark with me on this mission? If YES than start mastering the art of saying sorry not only with your words but your deeds as well.