Begin with The End in Mind

Begin with The End in Mind

Begin with The End in Mind
The most effective people walk backward to stay ahead in life. I once had read somewhere, that an artist never makes a random stroke with a brush, neither are houses built without a blueprint. It’s certain then. Everything a person wants in life is first visualized by the mind and later moulded into reality.

Every time Diya closed her eyes, she could only imagine herself surrounded by happy faces not known to her, a beautiful home, with all her loved ones staying in it & leading an admirably healthy and a happy life. She visualized herself as someone doing her best for her family; whether it was cooking their favourite food, or buying them things they loved. She imagined herself as the best daughter, A loving & caring wife & mother, a wonderful friend, & above all an Independent woman in every sense. Her thoughts were her blessings in reality.

Success is a very vague term. It means differently to different people. Some measure success basis the assets they own, some by winning medals in sports, & there are a few who compare their social status with others to measure it. The list is inexhaustible. What did SUCCESS mean to Diya?

Individuals must have a clear vision of their life’s ultimate big picture. Life doesn’t offer everything to everyone. The Big Picture paves the path with distinct milestones, which define the short-term achievements needed for individuals, who are on their journey to reach the final destination. Sometimes we experience a traffic that obstructs the smooth journey, and our schedules get delayed. The obstruction is an example of what someone may lack in life to achieve the Big Picture. Every hindrance opens a new way to reach the milestone. Oprah Winfrey once said: “Every situation in life is ultimately going to lead you to the planned destination, just make sure you don’t stop.”

No achievement ever excited Diya. She always knew in her mind through her observations about life, that no moment of excitement ever lasted. Success to her only meant a passing moment. Diya’s contentment kept growing with every passing day. She sensed a divine intervention in everything she had in her possession in life. Diya never complained about her life after she realized that universe had blessed her with everything she needed, even before she had asked for it. Diya spent most of her time introspecting, why lives of people in the world varied from each other, which made her realize the importance of gratitude.

Diya’s contemplation dawned upon her as enlightenment. She realized everyone in life sooner or later, meet themselves around life’s corner where based on their lifestyle, & life’s challenges seek guidance on how they can utilize their worth, their wealth, their knowledge and time. When she arrived at this stage, Diya was shouldering all the responsibilities of her family diligently. She ensured that all her efforts cushioned her family needs & their happiness.

Planning and prioritizing, are the key elements that help people during life’s exigencies. While planning, one must first consider their life’s Ultimate Big Picture/vision. Individuals must have the clarity of their possessions- this awareness eliminates confusion & directs them to focus on next steps. There should be a well-developed roadmap- which helps in prioritizing the milestones to achieve. Finally, analysing all the challenges in the path- helps in identifying alternate route maps.

Diya’s gratitude towards life, her plans, priorities, & her desire for independence had helped her design her life well. She had until her old age, achieved a short-term career, a fruitful motherhood, & a Happy life overall. She made sure to use her knowledge, wealth, and time productively for self and society.

Diya had ensured to walk backward in her mind from the Big Picture and had assigned a plan for every milestone.

Maya Angelou once told Oprah Winfrey, & Diya’s life is an example of Maya’s quote: “Your legacy is every life you’ve touched.” 

The happy faces which Diya saw with closed eyes in the Big Picture were of strangers, orphans, and many others whose lives were touched by her humanity before she died. The rest in the Big Picture is very clear.

Diya made sure she defined LOVE & HAPPINESS as her SUCCESS…

I have made a thoughtful effort through this article to spread some of the best habits advocated by Stephen Covey, that makes lives better. The story of Diya is just a positive example of how to lead a Happy & Good Life.

Through this article, I intend to help anyone who may need a base to plan their future, especially young people. Life is a precious gift, it’s up to us to make it unique.

Stay Blessed

Deepthi Musley

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