The Cause of Obesity has Nothing to do with Food

 Few days back I met one of my friends.  After few minutes we met, she asked me, “Am I looking too fat?  I have put on weight as just eating, eating and eating and not following diet plan.”

An obesity or overweight is very common issue (whether it is only with ladies?, I really do not know) most of us discuss about.  Few people always talk about their looks and particularly their obesity. They go to doctors, nutritionists, take medicines, go for diet but their figure does not change. They get frustrated, got depressed and start putting on more.  They don’t understand that they are manifesting what they are saying about themselves as what we think, we become.  If we are thinking & talking about obesity, putting on weight naturally we will be obese and put on weight.

I always used to say and strongly believe that putting on losing weight has nothing to with diet or food what we eat.  The real cause lies in our emotional under-nourishment. We will start shredding our weight or figure we are worried about when we feel more connected, more understood and more in touch with our feelings.  The emotions/feelings for putting on weight vary person to person as the circumstances the person lives, how the person’s upbringing, how person reacts to the circumstances varies. For few that may be fear, for few guilt, for someone anger particularly about parents etc…. (In my Regain your health, one portion is about obesity and I take intense session to find out the reason for obesity for that participant)

We speak too much about food and diet but not what we really need about what we really need.  We really long to consume is understanding, tenderness, recognition, forgiveness and love.


Pratibha Badurkar

(from content of my program ‘Regain your Health’)

Pratibha Badurkar is Spiritual Coach/Guide/Healer, Relationship Engineer, Wellness Expert. She is channel of Divine in transforming thousands of lives with Spiritual Coaching and healing. To reach people across the Globe and to spread happiness & peace through different healing modalities is her mission.


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