Emotions affect our Health :


‘I Find That Resentment, Criticism, Guilt And Fear Cause More Problems Than Anything Else’ – Louise Hay


Health is an important factor of our life. But if we look around, we observe illness/diseases are increasing, our medical bills are increasing clinics and hospitals are flooded with patients.  Why? Few of you may say due to change in lifestyle, few may say changed food habits, few will blame increasing pollution or population and so on….


Is it true that external sources/factors only the reasons behind our illness or diseases? NO. External factors are like visible part of an iceberg. And our emotions and thoughts are like hidden/invisible part of and importantly major part of root cause of our diseases.


We are going to do an experiment now. Imagine a person with whom you always get angry or you are not able to cope up with.  Have your emotions/mood changed? YES ! Now observe how your body started reacting? You must be feeling tensed, your muscles must be getting stretched and feeling slight headache. Right? By just imagining the person and thinking about what happened in past also ruined your present status mood right? It clearly shows our emotions have great impact on our health.


Anger, Jealousy, Hatred are most dangerous emotions which affect our health.  Look in the mirror, if you find your skin, hair dull or dry you are surely a short tempered person. If you are seeing aging signs on your face you are having hate for something or someone.


Few years back I was diagnosed with a very rare kind and incurable disease. Doctor said that develops without any reason.  I was surprised how can be any disease developed without any reason. After seven years of suffering I came across with some spiritual practices and found that root cause of illness is in my behavior in past.  I used to be a very short tempered person, very easily getting jealous with and hate the person who hurt me.  I started changing myself and with continuous efforts I am completely got cured with the disease.

Each and every cell of our body has its own mind and stores each and every emotion what we carry.  If you remember any illness happened in past cell will go in that mode and recreate the same illness again and again.


To regain your health you have to change your emotions.  Hatred to be replaced with love, anger with peace or calmness etc.  Always we have to practice let go the things which are not worthy for us.  Don’t carry negative emotions too long as it is going to affect our health.  I know it is not easy to always to be in good mood or happy thoughts but with practice we can maintain our positive emotions for longer time and switch from negative to positive in shorter period.  It says to make one liter of black colour we have to add 500 hundred liters of white colour then only we can make it white.  Likewise we have to be always pouring positive emotions to eliminate our negative emotions.


Pratibha Badurkar

(from my upcoming book ‘Regain Your Health’)


Pratibha Badurkar is Spiritual Coach/Guide/Healer. She is channel of Divine in transforming thousands of lives with Spiritual Coaching and healing. Contributed in an International Book ‘Goodness Abounds’. Loves to travel, reads a lot and music & photography is her passion. She is a NLP practitioner, To reach people across the Globe and to spread happiness & peace through different healing modalities is her mission. She conducts program on Wellness, Relationship and Life transformation. Working on three solo books which will be released soon.


Kirti Singh
Kirti Posted on5:38 am - Nov 3, 2017

True that each and every cell of our body has its own mind and stores each and every emotion what we carry!! Loved the write-up.

    Pratibha Posted on8:28 am - Nov 3, 2017

    Thank you Kriti

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