Different Phases of love

Different Phases of love

Different Phases of love

What are the different phases of love?

This is big question mark in everyone’s life and forced to nod their heads; if conversation starts among the group on so called topic   “Love”; If we heard the name of love, first thought comes to our mind that we always tried to harmonized the meaning of love with our ” life partner ” & next thought comes to our mind (Cerebrum part of the brain) — Existence of “life partner” in our  life ???? Some are very happy who have found their life partners according to their preferential in their life but some of them are not happy who are unable to get it due to various circumstances like “fear to say”, “fear of people” ……

Can anyone think that Why we were only ponder love with our partners? Does Love only meant for life partners? Does love have another Phase?

Answer is YES! Yes, we have another phase of love called “Mother’s love”.

Can we call Mother’s love as 1st phase of love? Yes, this love is unconditional love of mother towards his/her child. This love is undefinable affection with no limits and no conditions. This unconditional love starts from the date when child born and it never ends.

When a child is in a stage of feeding, when he is not able to speak a single word from mouth , he is not aware about the stuff of outlying world , only mother can understand from his actions like cry , smile, sadness pertains  hungriness , happiness ……… Mother always keeps embraced his child. As he slowly grows up, he learns to speak the words, comes in stuff of outlying world but Still the first word he learns is “”MOM””. He learns to walk by holding the hand of her mother. Later, when child is in age of 3or 4, her mother decided to send his child to school where he will learn the things which will help him to grow! She always wants best nourishment for their child! Because mother’s love is unconditional.

Now time comes when child reached to stage where his mother has decided that now it’s a time for his marriage to settle him so that he can take responsibilities. She finds best bride for him. Now time comes when he is getting married. After marriage, slowly & steadily priority becomes changing for him! His love is getting increased towards his life partner.  Start up of fights begins! Gradually, now he is in stage where he only listens to his life partner daily evil talks about his mother!  Now one day comes when he see the tears in eyes of his life partner! Without knowing the reason, he sometimes fights with her mother to panoply that his life partner is correct and you are wrong!

Had he thinks that what mother’s heart feels?, when he fight with her to be taken in for evil talk by life partner? Mother’s have big heart to hide her pain. She didn’t have high expectations! But she only wants that few moments that she can spent with his child!

There are many percentages of child who took his mother to old age homes either by directly saying that “Mom, from onward you have to live there & by other indirectly ways. That’s why percentage of old age mothers are getting increased in every fiscal year.


A day before Diwali when I went to “SHEOWS”- a old age home where many old age mothers are lying on the bed. Some of them are happy with this life, some of them are spent their life in a dream that her child will come one day and take her away from this place.

But one women I saw , she is continuously crying , I went to her to know that why she is crying  , when I reached to her bed , she hold my hand and say “beta tu aa gya “ . I got freezed at that moment, then “Vishal” came to bed who is the caretaker of all people lived there . Then he told to her that “maji , yeh apka beta nai hai”.

Then I asked Vishal why she called me her son? Then he narrated the story what was done by his son with her.

One day, his child took her to the temple for “God’s Aarti” and asks her to wait for him, he will come in few minutes after completing his work, and later he will pick and take her to home. She waited for 10 minutes but her son didn’t came , time rushes at their own pace , slowly and slowly , 1 hour completed , 3 hour completed, 5 hour completed ……… She still waited at the stairs of temple .Then priest of temple came to her and asked her “Are you waiting for some- one ” and She replied – Yes , i am waiting for his son; he told me that he will come in 10 minutes  , he didn’t came yet  , may god bless him. Priest told her, you can call him; Priest gave his phone to her to call to his son but no response from his son. She tried many times but no response. Then priest told to her, Sister, its already late, you can stay at our home where many sisters lived there like you. She had denied first but then she agreed to go to that place. Priest brings her to “SHEOWS” which is home of old age mothers. Firstly she is unable to accommodate herself there, but when time rushes, she accepted to live there till time when her child will not take her to home. She waited for his child. So whenever she saw any child of his son’s age then she hold his hand, might be she imagined his child in everyone child visited there. She still thinks that her child will come and take her to home. But her child will never come and take her to home because he left her at temple but she is unable to accept this stuff.

When I listen this story, tears fall down from eyes and I hugged her .

“Aaj Jinko Rulate Ho Ye Wahi ‪#‎Maa Baap Hai,
Jo Insan Hote Huye Tumhare Liye Hathi Ghoda Bante Rahe”

Please respect mother’s love. There is nothing as beautiful as our mother in this world.


Nikhil Gupta

I am Business analyst by profession , completed B.tech in E.C.E, had interest in Photography , sketching , reading novels.

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