It’s Just Right There

It’s Just Right There

It’s Just Right There

I say it’s just right there even when I don’t find it. In this endless search of time, I get going in all the ways I can. Again, I say it’s just right there. For there is hope in my world when I say it. The universe around me dances in joy when I say it’s just right there. I have been a lone traveler all this while. Figuring out how much I can do, what can I do, what I can’t do. In all the places where I have been, I have found myself more and a bit more. It feels miraculous to see myself daily and repeat the words, “It’s just right there”. The very intensity awakens in me a thirst to live the day, live this life.

I see people smiling, giggling around me. As I start to laugh with them, it becomes a chained motion of energies. Chained in a way that as soon as the one stops, the other stops too, and then there is one, who no matter what laughs till the end even when others have stopped. For he is experiencing a bit more energy flowing around him. And he continues to laugh for there is  uncontrolled life happening around him.

This is what it is. When we are smiling, laughing, crying or getting frustrated. We are inviting the same energies from the universe. Yes,we do!!

It’s just right there. Whatever you want, it’s just right there. I say so for I have lived it. When I am in anger or a grudge, I invite the circumstances that indeed makes me more angry. Similar is for a smile. When I smile, the world does lit for me too. I go beyond my imagination of what I can do to make others smile.

I can run

I can fly too

I can walk

And, I can crawl too.

What is it

That I am running for

Isn’t it just right there

Within me within my reach.

When I say

It’s here

I have it in my soul, my being and  my breath.

Then is not gone

Then will arrive soon

So when I say it’s just right there

Listen carefully to the unheard melodies visiting the sand dunes.





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Summi Arora
Summi Arora

Summi Arora is Social Entrepreneur by profession living in Pune. Writing poetry is something that comes to her naturally. She loves to empower people and contribute to this world through her expression of writing.

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Sarang Gosavi Posted on2:05 am - Nov 4, 2017

Nice Article Summi

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