Every Soul(Human being)in this world likes to be loved & cared but due to ignorance we get misled by attachment & get confused for Love,so a question strikes our mind is love &attachment same or different? or to Love a person means is it to get Attached?definitely not  then what is Attachment?Well the answer for this is Love & Attachment are poles apart.In this context we can recall famous Buddhist quote as “Attachment is the root cause of misery”. Here it is to be remembered that it is a Mind game.

The Dynamics of Attachment:-

It is we who  create a space in our mind that holds a person or object as part of us & When that person or object is criticized neglected or not with us we feel pain in our mind & also we experience a sense of loss.If we want to be happy we must learn to love & appreciate while remaining independent.

The Source of misery is I+Attachment to person ,place ,thing.

Different kinds  of Attachment:-

1)Attached way of doing things.

2)Attached way of expected behavior from others

3)Attached way of thinking about others the list goes on.

Many times we say we have so much of Love for other person that when the other person is in pain even we experience pain but it is not love it is attachment & it can never empower the other person whereas Love can.

In the name of Love let’s not get misled & weave the cocoons of Attachment get entangled  & suffer let’s undergo the metamorphosis of Detachment & emerge as butterflies & spread happiness & that is what even Vedanta says “The aim of Every Soul is freedom & not bondage so let’s break the bondage of attachment & free ourselves.