Moment-wise WISE

Moment-wise WISE

Moment-wise WISE

Holding my glass of warm I stepped out of my room to explore what the day had in its offering!

The stillness in this morning moment was all encompassing. Standing in the balcony, over-seeing the greens below, I witnessed the orange rising in its full beauty. It seemed to cheerfully challenge me “how gorgeous can you be today!”

The air drifted across my cheeks; a little mightier than a breeze, a little lighter than a gust of wind…it had its own unique pace of getting itself felt. A disguised strong pinch of chill in it, left me relishing the goose-bumps and a shiver down my torso. The winter had arrived.

The little voice inside me yawned to the beauty and began her day sharing the pearl of wisdom… “This is the moment. Your past prepares you for this. Your future is prepared here. Each passing moment readies you to face the next. You become wiser moment by moment, taking you where you desire to be in your forward days. This is IT”

Her words added even more velocity to the already existing sense of totality. When your past present and future become one, you actually become timeless!

That’s where one understood losing the sense of time was actually a step towards becoming perpetual. Removing the boundaries of time definitions set by man-kind, life-experience is a continuous flowing stream. The secret of being ever-so-youthful and timeless, which the sages of the past eras had lived by. For them too it was much easier to experience than to explain.

Enveloped in the sunlight as I stood there with eyes closed, I sensed the completeness of the present moment… powerful in essence, undiluted by any pressing thoughts, pure in purpose, a bonsai replica of the cosmos, indestructible yet transitory. Yet deciduous a moment.

I gulped down the sun-filled water, knowing I am ready now to take on the world. Bring it ON.


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