Not to lose yourself in a relationship-II

Not to lose yourself in a relationship-II

Samay is unwittingly staring at the shadows of distant vehicles looming in front of his face while abed and striving to get the clarity of the situation. Writhing in pain,he didn’t even realize that he has been awake all night.It’s been long past five in the morning and his thought stream broke by the chirping of birds and newspaper vans outside but the pain didn’t subside.
Samay was still tossing on bed.
It’s been only 4 days since they have spoken but it felt like ages. The very air he breathed was filled with melancholy and gloom. How he missed the days when they used to laugh, giggle and talk up a storm without a care in the world.
The weight of reality dawned upon him.Tired from the long sleepless night, he lit up a cigarette and was in thoughts again, forcing himself to retrace back into his past as to where they had gone wrong. This is not the life they had dreamt about. He had not hoped to be part of something that stifles his emotions.
As the clouds of melancholy thoughts overcast his mind, many deep seated anger began to pile up and he felt a hot lump grow in his throat. “Netra is never going to understand me. If 10 years were not enough for her to understand what kind of person I am, she can probably never understand my love towards her”.

This is not the life he thought of. He is tangled with many negative thoughts.
He wants to explain to her that life should not circle only around a single person.It makes him frustrated and being monitored. He cannot bear the blames on him and feels being speechless is far better than to face Netra’s emotional breakdown.
Both are individuals and should have a life of their own. What he wants is little trust in him and their relationship to make it work.

He loves her a lot and wants to be a free bird. Had he separated certain things on time, this day would have never arrived.Thinking million such things every night, he used to imagine all cruel realities.Sleep was way ahead of him playing hide and seek game. He was not able to concentrate on anything that he used to be passionate about.

Deep down he knew his teetotaler wife has now become a drinker who has tried every extreme combination in her life.Netra called it adventurous now and this unexpected behaviour was really scaring him.

Samay is a very practical and fun loving person.He doesn’t like emotional drama at all.Love and all is fine but he prefers to keep things completely practical and change according to time. Be open minded.

Shores apart these two human beings differed from each other in various aspects,yet loved each other in million ways even they couldn’t explain.Both refused to give up on each other and give their best to see what can be changed and done to have a life they dreamt of.

Then what went wrong that they don’t see each other or express themselves to each other? This incomplete feelings needs to be completed, but how-no one knows .

Wait for the next articles to find out how the ice wall break between them and give in your suggestions what more you would like to know about Netra & Samay.

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