Not to lose yourself in a relationship-III

Not to lose yourself in a relationship-III

Everyone has perspectives of their own and a way of handling their problems.Some do things quickly and get adapted to the changes,while others struggle within themselves to accept and adapt to the new situation.

Netra and Samay have found a temporary solution to their problem.This temporary seems like permanent though.They have successfully started avoiding each other. They don’t go anywhere together anymore be it shopping groceries or a short dinner, a closed friend’s house party or a family function, they even avoid sitting on one sofa of their hall together. That might strike a conversation after all. No short calls of each other’s whereabouts.
Samay is busy late nights either outside home or on phone. Smart phones have outsmarted human presence. And Netra opposite to her nature now doesn’t wait for him and pretends to be sleeping. So they hardly see each other and their moments of talking to each other have simply reduced by lowering down their expectations. Netra finishes kitchen work as soon as possible, takes a nap and Samay tries to leave for office early and return back as late as possible. Avoiding each other has become easy and natural for them now.Samay manages it well and feels better only with friends.However Netra is finding it difficult so she has tried making random friends to be out and thus appear busy.She has revived her friendship with her school mates and feels better talking to them.

Samay is next to her on bed but she feels as if there’s an ocean gap between them. Complete void.Even when she feels like going close to him and just hug him, she can’t do it. That’s ego or love , difficult to explain.

Netra is now trying her level best to give Samay whatever he wants.For her, if he is happy without her, she is more than happy to gift him her absence. She is now completely ok with whomever Samay feels happy and wherever he wants to go, whatever he wants to do.She just doesn’t want to be felt in his life anymore as this is what he makes her feel.

Samay had least expectations where’s Netra’s expectations were at cloud 9. For her things should have gone happy fairy romantic tale types. She has miserably failed to understand what she wanted in life and at least miserably failed as a wife. She is thus silently trying to become an ok wife.Nothing is left to complain when you find your husband happy, without you.

Netra had planned her future with Samay ,little did she knew she was not in his future plans.

Everyone’s life is a story, just try to make it such that, when you say it to someone, it sounds really interesting. Ironically, every sad story when said backwards sounds really interesting.That’s practically Life.

Netra and Samay have broken their promises to each other.So,their love is suffering.Being together and being for each other doesn’t sound familiar anymore and yet they cannot live without each other.

Wait for the next articles to find out what life unfolds to them.

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