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November 2017

The Odd!

An odd in the cynical texture of Social makeover, I am told to act hypocritically; to follow hypocrisy, I get stumbled upon those thoughts, Everyday spinning around like the micro organism of disease, Infectious for humanity!   Behind the mask… Continue Reading →


‘Spirituality is not something you do.  If you stop all your nonsense, you are spiritual.  Spirituality is ultimate sense.’ –Sadhguru  Now a days, as we are evolving we are attracting to the aspect of spirituality.  Very often the question is… Continue Reading →

Spirituality : Knowing oneself !

Please allow me to begin toward our topic of Spirituality with a short story from my own journey. “She gave me a wink and I reciprocated, seeing in her eyes and feeling her need to communicate something to me. I… Continue Reading →

Gift to Oneself

Let’s look at it NOW. What is it that you are trying to look at in everything around you in nature, in this life, in  human beings and in places. What is it that is making you admire them and… Continue Reading →

Drop the “I”

Anju was a hard taskmaster; discipline and perfection was the fulcrum of her life. She was nothing short of a martinet when it came to running the women’s home leaving no scope for mistakes. Then one day, in walked Nandini,… Continue Reading →

Spirituality & Me

  Written by: Deepthi Musley There are thousands of philosophies, several doctrines, many written prophecies and scriptures followed by the people of this world. All these put together becomes the quintessence of a worthy life. I have always wondered who… Continue Reading →


A THIEF – A SINNER   I stood in the train and looked around Gazing at people and listening to sounds I saw a boy who shuffled by me He was on a pocket picking spree I kept a guard… Continue Reading →

Which one are you?

According to an old Greek saying, the perfection comes in 3’s. So, there are three kinds of people you meet in life… THE STEADY ROOSTERS These are those who are observers, who let life pass through them like one whiles… Continue Reading →


JMD FROM THE EYES OF MINI ME. *When I was SMALL I dipped my hands inside a bucket of water and raised my fingers to pretend the droplets were long nails…. TODAY women wear Acrylics ! *When I was SMALL… Continue Reading →

An Ode to DURGA – Part 3 (a) Aai Giri Nandini

My journey in Kolkatta continues…. So I was taken by those same friends to a Durga Bhajan Samaroh and being a keen singer I was given a cyclostyled sheet of some bhajans as well as mantras which I had never… Continue Reading →

Not to lose yourself in a relationship- The End!

Begin with The End in Mind

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