Here, I leave my fleshed cage

and move past the drab confines of life

Severing the threads of mortal affair

A father, a mother, a child, a wife


Is it the end? No, I reckon, a dawn

A dawn of glad eternity

No mundane pains of earning money

No worries of living can bother me


 It was but a mortal shell

A mortal shell with high upkeep

I tried, I toiled and I persisted

Through lack of food and of sleep


I tried, I toiled, found ways to trudge

forward to accomplish frivolous goals

But the body by which I was bewitched

Lies there, rotting without a soul


Wherefore did I, under the stormy sky

choose the futile wads of paper?

Now I roam, under the sky a tomb,

on the vast oceans of heat, I caper


“For flaming life is much more than that,”

This thought I get at the end of the line

If now I were to go back in time

I’d rather hold onto every twine


Every twine that leads to a living heart

A twine, a bridge across earthly tricks

A twine that touches the soul inside

Caught in a cage, but belonging to nix


There, I’d left my fleshed cage once

but now I approach a new one in vain

Will I remember, the sparks, the ember?

Will my life be marred, by the same flaws again?