For most of us school life is full of excitement. Further we move to college with new level of excitement more learning and fun. In Next phase of life we enter professional world. Excitement is at new level first job and earning money by own.

Some continue to be single and most people get into second phase of life which brings more responsibility and new excitement.
Life goes on for few years with further more responsibility with parenthood or else in similar way. But common syndrome start hitting most of the people which is loosing interest in work and life becomes monotonous. I hope lot of you could relate.

What could be the reason behind it.
In my view few basic reasons could be being in comfort zone for long time, not clear with the purpose of life, stopped dreaming, Self belief doesn’t exists any more. So most of us accept this is the way of life.

According to my life learnings major reason for the above cause could be we stop learning in life and carry own perception for everything is life, though not an expert on each subject. Mind gets full and not in seeking mode. I have also been through this phase which hampered my life growth.

So what helped me to come out of it. First thing was acceptance of need to change.
Yes I accepted this fact and went completely in seeking mode. Started reading books, listening to the successful people, Change of thoughts process , Change of habits, Stop judging people.

In this new journey of self realisation, I found purpose of my life which got aligned to my dreams and further I break it into my goals. Reward of the change, I started growing in life again with lot of excitement.
Thank you god bless all.