Dear Me,

I met you first standing in front of a mirror, standing on a stool with a brush in hand;

Dad was at the back, ready to pick you up and take you for a bath;

While mom served hot milk and breakfast;and dressed you up in blue dress and clips.

You knew you were cared for, they were consistent, predictable and reliable;

You experienced hope and security, and took it to your brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles;

And when you think of it, it was a fairyland come true.

Ah! And I do remember your Barbie doll and her utensils, She was a pilot, wasn’t she?;

I remember you demanding your mom for Burger and your favorite A-line dress;

You were every one’s darling and cousins loved dressing you up;

It was only your brother you felt irritated at, you dug up your nails into his cheeks out of anger;

and no one other than your parents could save him.

You wanted independence, your own choices, and wanted to do things on your own;

In your free acts, sometimes you succeeded and many a times you didn’t;

But dad made sure you don’t accept yourself as a failure;

He protected your self esteem by not letting anyone control or criticize you;

For him your word, was the world.

You enjoyed learning so much!

Mom and you sat with text books, as you spelled ‘BUSINESS’;

She picked up a watch, rotated its hands and asked “Tell me what time is it?”;

Uncle playfully rotated a globe in his hand to show you how earth revolved;

And suddenly you found such a dear new relation called “Teacher”;

He was so right and your parents knew nothing in front of him;

You were fond of your friends and worked hard to be the best among them.

You felt competent, and you knew you would achieve your goals;

You had no doubt in your abilities, and were proud of your accomplishments;

There were times you couldn’t stand up to the demands of people and felt inferior;

Soon you realized, its OK to have some failures, they made you modest and humble.

Finally you entered your teens and had your periods for the first time;

Out of fear you did not disclose it to anyone;

while secretly you judged and evaluated every word people had to say about it.

You discovered your breasts bulging and went to purchase your first Bra;

Shy which size would fit you, and for the first time you measured your body in your mind.

You saw your parents amazed at your brother understanding electrical circuits;

While your interests in word, drawings, designs and relationships were very generic.

Your parents still treated you like a little girl;

But in your imaginations you were a superwoman rescuing the world.

It was complex, you were confused not sure to be a child or an adult;

You felt angry…….very angry

And you wanted to question everything……life, earth, relationships.

You identified with yourself being a female in a corporate world;

Though you felt pressured with some choices,  you chose to carry on;

You sensed some unhappiness and rebellion within, but you had no answers;

All you had was integrity and commitment to the roles you chose.

No sooner, you were an adult!;

Experimenting with lifestyles and education;

Exploring relationships beyond family and friends;

Wanting to commit your life to someone;

Expecting world beyond independence, competence and identity;

And you found your way back into love.

You found happiness and safety in relationships;

It was intimate…

You were no longer isolated, no longer lonely.

Now you are on a path of expressing your gratitude to the world;

You have realized yourself as whole and complete;

No longer you complain, crib about circumstances;

You want to contribute and be in service.

There are are many who have suffered…

Fear, shame, guilt, inferiority, confusion, loneliness, stagnation and despair;

You want let them know who they really are;

You want to be generative and pass on goodness.

And when you look back;

you will know you have lived a timeless life,

A life of your creation

Equipped with freedom, power and self-expression:)