Reach out

Reach out

Reach out

Written by: Deepthi Musley

Distance is not always a measurement of gap or space between two or more points or places. Distance is sometimes an endless emptiness of misery within us or a silent space between two people that yearns to be heard and cared.

Are social animals (humans) losing out on the essence of understanding the meaning of trust, care, affection, and sharing their life in the right way? Is it essential, we frequently remind ourselves of the difference between being friendly and having a companion/confidant/friend? Why then does someone feel lonely amidst a friendly crowd?

Suicide is a decision that gushes up from the most vulnerable heart. Every child deserves to receive extravagant encouragement for the tiniest of achievements. Every word uttered by a child needs an adult’s undivided attention. Listening is caring. Listening to a child gives them the freedom of expression, the confidence to learn, and feel motivated to do better every time. Adults must feel obligated to make a child feel special & to help them grow into psychologically & physically secured adults. Checking with family & friends every day about their plans for the day, or volunteering to be of any help to them is just a small step that establishes faith in each other.

Busy-ness is just an excuse we give to our loved ones for not being able to prioritize our lives  

Each one of us has unique emotional capacities. It is essential to develop our emotional quotient to understand others first & then to be understood. Such an effort is vital for a better life. Empathy in life is like the sweetener in the lemonade. The only way to make bitter or sour taste sweet.

There are zillion formulas to make life seem unfair & difficult, & infinite combinations of emotions to deal with every awkward situation. It is high time we made the best use of these combinations for a peaceful living. We are all blessed with sufficient emotional intelligence to cleverly help each other and ourselves to tackle life’s gambles. Problems in life are like playing the game of Hockey. You dribble the ball (problem) and make sure you pass it quickly to the player ahead of you to reach the goal faster. The more you intend to dribble alone the sooner you get attacked and defeated. Helping each other & working together using each other’s strengths is the only means to achieve the goal of a HAPPY LIFE with ease.

 An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Anyone who can sense or knows someone trapped in this workshop, or parents who feel there is an opportunity for them to start a connection with their children, please remember Now is the Time.

 Identifying & Recognizing the strengths of a child is more important than finding & reminding them of their weaknesses. Reach Out, before your loved ones go Out of Reach!

Deepthi Musley
Deepthi Musley

Deepthi Musley is an NLP practitioner/Coach/Trainer/Blogger/Author/Lyricist

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SaminaBarodawala Posted on5:20 am - Feb 9, 2018

If there is empathy , good bonding , understanding between a child n parent but in a stress ful situation the child loses his or her cool n abuses n starts throwing things around .Wat is the best way to cope with that?

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