Spirituality & Me

Spirituality & Me

Spirituality & Me


Written by: Deepthi Musley

There are thousands of philosophies, several doctrines, many written prophecies and scriptures followed by the people of this world. All these put together becomes the quintessence of a worthy life.

I have always wondered who is Me within Me, ever concerned about my thoughts, I have always wondered who is The Me within Me who takes me deeper into the purpose of my existence.

Every action of ours is the result of the choices we make in our mind. Therefore, it’s evident that every consequence in life is an execution of the alignment of thought and action.

Our physical appearance is the abode of the spirit/soul, & is preordained to drive the purpose of the spirit’s existence within it. The purpose of the spirit’s existence needs to be determined mindfully, to arrive at life’s meaning for each one of us.

The Spirit within the finite body is an infinite Light of Love, Kindness, Peace, & morals which enriches the physical existence. A mind which is aligned with these qualities of the Spirit has an ever-glowing effect on the physical body of the Spirit. A physical body that reflects the conscious conscience is in the Richest state of SPIRITUALITY.

Spiritual awakening is like the storm which destroys the faulty functioning of life. It is a process of aligning the mind with the purpose of the spirit. It is a phase in which I realized the CONSCIENCE/GURU (Me within Me) guiding & transforming The Me outside Me (Physical body).

After a journey of contemplation, my physical existence has commenced graduating from the state of perceiving life as a mere puzzle to recognizing it as an ocean of solutions. My conscience leads me to understand that all of the life’s puzzles are ONLY the creator’s way to keep us busy in life. The puzzles are just an illusion of our finite existence. The solution to every puzzle is the JOY of the infinite spirit.

There is a thought by Mahatria Ra which resonates as I conclude on the Spiritual note. “It is just not enough to value the master… you must master the values”

The doctrines & philosophies, of The Me within Me (MY GURU) constantly discipline the actions of The Me outside Me.

Spirituality to me, in short, is recognizing the humanity my spirit possesses.The more we care to share the purpose of our spirit the faster we move out of the mundane existence.

Deepthi Musley
Deepthi Musley

Deepthi Musley is an NLP practitioner/Coach/Trainer/Blogger/Author/Lyricist

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