Lot of people talk about spirituality, many have experienced it as well. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know whether I can pin-point any situation, event or experience and say I know what spirituality is.

I want to pull a leaf out of my life today to share an experience.
I remember that night when I was lying on the mattress at the terrace. I could see clear sky with stars twinkling. The cold wind was making my pain worse. The darkness of the night was about to engulf me.

And all the while I am crying loudly in pain. My fractured left leg is paining, my heart is paining, my head is about to blast, my eyes are tired of pouring tears. I am crying loudly and yelling at God “why me?” Asking again n again “why I have to go through this pain? What have I done? I haven’t betrayed anyone. I didn’t lie. I didn’t hurt anyone. I didn’t abuse or spoil anyone’s life. Then why me?” That moment it seemed my breathing would stop, my life will end. That moment it seemed everything has come to a stand still.

And I closed my eyes, as if I gave up to the universe. AND something happened inside. A voice said in my ears “You are the chosen one. Your life has a higher purpose. You are precious. Decide and take action.”

I opened my eyes, looked around I found nobody. I looked up to the sky, and saw stars twinkling, moon brighter than before as if it is smiling at me and saying “Yes.”

I took a deep breath and smiled. Something inside me had moved. I felt strength and power. Next day morning, I sneaked out and dragged myself with the bags to the hand rickshaw. Asked the rickshaw wala to take me to the Delhi station. I somehow managed to reach the reservation station with that same fractured leg. I booked my tickets and boarded the train to come back.

And that day changed my life. I became who I am today. That moment was experiential. That moment made me realise my life’s purpose.

Would I call this moment spiritual? I don’t know. But whenever I am stuck in my life, I remember this moment and become clear. Hence, my meaning about spirituality is it is the realm of beliefs.

Beliefs that take you ahead in life.
Beliefs that helps you to be strong
Beliefs that gives you power.
Beliefs that makes me realise my purpose.
Beliefs that puts me in the right direction
Beliefs that make me believe more and more in MYSELF

Bharti Naik
Bharti Naik

Bharti Naik is a relationship strategist who help people transform their lives in the area of relationships. Her mission is to help people identify their relationship code and reprogram it for the best life. she writes blogs, articles and now writing two books “Words” and “the relationship code”. She is a passionate coach to many professionals, sport people and students. Being a director of Manpasand Beverages Ltd, she understands business and organizations largely.

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Milind Kher Posted on5:10 pm - Nov 28, 2017

Very nice. Will be specially liked by the NLP community ??

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