Spirituality Simplified . . . .

Spirituality Simplified . . . .

Spirituality Simplified . . . .

Spirituality Simplified . . . .


There is threshold for everything they say. It is when things cross the threshold that the actual action takes off. Then what was happening until then? It was only a half hearted or an ignorant approach.

Humans are the only rational beings on Earth. While they are busy rationalising things, the distancing from the basics increases. So is with spirituality. Spirituality in simplest terms means to going to the basics of human existence, the soul and soul searching. The more the mind wanders outwards, yearning for the worldly glitters, the farther it stays from the inward reality. It is when a jolt interrupts the chase, that the mind, too exhausted, gains sense. Such a jolt was inevitable for, had it not been for this brake, the struggle would continue beyond the threshold. Fortunately, the realisation happens sooner.

While the humans have developed and used millions of language and symbols to communicate, they have failed to decipher what the mind yearns to express. It therefore resorts to signals through bodily discomfort. That is when we slow down, and our search for spirituality begins. The quest and thirst for the knowledge of Spirituality is seen as a bailout from the pressure outside. While it is right to see Spirituality from that perspective, but the search is not as complex as it is made to sound. The very visualisation of Spirituality starts with an ascetic or a monk who has forsaken the world, living atop a distant mountain. The conception extends to “sour-grapes” like state of bliss that one needs to struggle to achieve. In such adventure, it is forgotten that Spirituality is going back to basics and it is simple, unlike it is made to look like it is for the tough minded.

Spirituality is not going to Himalayas, bathing in freezing cold streams and giving up food, all to train the dragon-like mind. Spirituality is not sitting cross-legged, with a back angled at 180 degrees and breathing aligned to counts. Spirituality is not renouncing relationships. Spirituality is the ability to constantly withdraw the mind from exhaustion of the daily life, and visit the inside of us to regain the balance. Do we stay in our workplace all the twenty-four hours in a day? Absolutely, not. We are there only for the stipulated time. We return home every day to relax. Same is with spirituality. We need to nurture our spiritual well being in a way that relaxes us and comforts us. Such a comfort can be found in ways that are unusual to the typical spiritual techniques.

An engrossed sculptor is no less spiritual than a Zen meditation practitioner. Solace can be found in the play of colours like many painters did. An hour of time with children and drenching in the melodies of their giggles does take you away from the worldy distractions. The new bloom in the garden and the nurturing of the green buddies shows that happiness is in caring for species other than humans. A cuddle with a pet busts stress like a mantra chant could. Yet, the lookout for spirituality is made complex and niche accessible only to those who struggle for it.

While the struggle continues, the disappointment of not achieving it, like it is a goal, lingers on. Spirituality is not a goal. It is a way of life, as simple as telling someone, “I care”. It is not an unachievable dream, but moments of refinement we can live. The sooner we simply spirituality, the sooner we are in bliss.


Man is the only creature who thrills in making life complex, while being delusional about making it simple.


aparna Posted on5:30 pm - Nov 28, 2017

Loved the analogies.

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