The Odd!

The Odd!

The Odd!

An odd in the cynical texture of
Social makeover,
I am told to act hypocritically; to follow hypocrisy,

I get stumbled upon those thoughts,

Everyday spinning around like the micro organism of disease,

Infectious for humanity!


Behind the mask of gentleness,

Who knows about those pretending qualities?

A trap of high academic records,

A trap of sweet soft spoken words,

Lurking behind all politeness flavour,

A deadly motive to suck you for own benefits.



Life encompasses a wide range of people,

And I find every moment now is as if at a war,

Entertaining its captivators!

A mortal combat of good and bad talks!

An adamant combatant of life and values has fallen down,

Alone in the arena of social hedge!



Pathetically always the odd!

I become most unwanted entity of this world,

A slum dog dies of patterned food,

In mid of mounds of garbage!

Curtailing the growth of freedom,

I have been told to act hypocritically; to follow hypocrisy.


Injecting austere perceptibility in my blood,

Trials being done to be one of their kinds,

Dabbling in a puddle of social changes,

A nomad in the desert of modernity,

Pathetically always the odd

I become most unwanted entity of this world.



Nitusmita Saikia
Nitusmita Saikia

By profession, an instructor in National Cadet Corps, Nitusmita writes both in English and in her regional language (Assamese).She has been writing poetry for E –magazines like FM Online Magazine since last two years. Her poems have been published in various anthologies under, WWW.Realisticpoetry.Com “why Poetry Matters” under Ardus Publication Germany, “A Bouquet of Verse, volume-2” “A Divine Madness, An Anthology of Modern Love Poetry volume 3, volume 5”, Anthology “Symphony of Peace “under 10thIPF JKC College Guntur, India , regional anthology ‘HazarKobirSapun’

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