Each one of us has a quest of a Promised Land.  Given the external influences of the material world, we see Promised Land as a state of eternal comfort free of fears and insecurity where challenges are absent and changes happen as per desires.  Nobody wants to Think from the End, which means thinking from the state of Death of this physical form and making our journey backwards.  This sounds stupid but, when we come face to face with emotional traffic with an accident and resultant chaos, we are left with no option but to wait, access, think and then act.  This state of mind takes us to a spinal combat wherein forces of mortality and immortality are in constant struggle.  This is where Krishna quotes,” To reject spiritual principles means to embrace spiritual death.”  The war is not one of mortal, physical combat, but of courageous inner struggle towards victory of soul principles over material ease.

Our egoic qualities such as selfishness, hatred, passion, greed, personal ambition, covetousness, jealousy and anger are weights that prevent the balloon of awareness from soaring up into the sky.

Personal experience of inner realities comes with deep meditation.  According to scriptures and documented experiences of yogis, when one’s feelings impel one to indulge in material desire, his energy flows downward in the spine, and then outward from it through the senses. Spiritual inspiration uplifts both energy and consciousness in the spine directing them towards the spiritual eye.

Practicing meditation under a Guru can lead to stabilization of these opposing forces and bring a neutral flow of energy accompanied with tolerance, forbearance, acceptance, or calmness and non-attachment.  Emotions are mental citizens and they play their role in demanding their reservation in terms of the experiences in our external world.  Guru helps us to bring order with increased focus on our purpose of life and helps us take actions which comply with our purpose of being.  Since every action must be brought to completion and every desire must be fulfilled, Guru is the ultimate instrument through which both of these can be achieved with accumulation of good Karma.  Having a Guru in your life is your ticket to promised land.