A distressing narrative of missing someone when they cease to exist. An expression of compassion to let that special one know how the world was in their absence.

  • The endless waiting of unknown,
  • The eagerness of arrival,
  • The hope of awaiting
  • The despair of the delay
  • The moment of sinister silence
  • And a multitudinous stirring of the leaves…..all asking where were you?

Where were you for these many years? I  waited so much for u with drips of tears….

  • Through the days and nights,
  • Through blistering misery dimming the sight,
  • Through pain and turmoil beyond measure,
  • Through scorching sun and chilly winter evenings which I used to treasure,
  • Through numerous deaths when you actually die but still alive,
  • Through disruption, despair loosing hope to ever revive,
  • Through everything depraved and dissolute,
  • Through every moment of exactitude and absolute!

Where were you for these many years? I waited so much for u with drips of tears….

  • When I was withered and shriveled When I was declined, decayed and dejected
  • When I saw no hope and every dream was rejected when I was shrinking and fading on the surface
  • When I was languished and melancholic like a fiery furnace
  • When I was feeble and puny
  • When I was vulnerable and every emotion was slummy
  • When distress was high and ache was inconsolable
  • When each day I thought of your arrival and smilingly stitched a faint fable.

Where were you for these many years….