Once my younger brother, Nikunj was returning home with my grandmother at night. As they were using a torch to get the way at night, my grandmother fell into a pit. Nikunj after returning home did not fail to tease my grandmother for her embarrassing moment but immediately looked for a bulb, wires and battery to have a light attached below the main one so that light is available near the feet.

The spontaneity and creativity in Nikunj just made me roll out with laughter.

As far as we fun with the little innocent acts of children, I have realised that it is imperative for us to allow kids be creative to deal with and handle the melodrama of life. We can teach children how to be ‘worldly’ and they can teach us how to ‘not be worldly’ by their utterly, unabashedly curious, expressive and
energetic presence.

Here are six ways in which you can help your kid be creative:

1)Matchstick Puzzles!
I have fun posing puzzles to kids using household items like coins, paper clips, hair pins, straws, bangles etc. and no wonder they find using their superhero brains super exciting. My favorite ones are the matchstick puzzles like build rooms for 5 pigs with wall material available for only 4 rooms (Each matchstick being one wall and condition that no two pigs can stay together in a single room ).

2) Shaping and colouring imaginations
While on a travel last year, I discovered a very interesting exercise ‘The Play of Painting’ for kids at an international village called ‘Auroville’ based in southern India.You and your child can paint together in a safe enclosed space. The safe space shelters inner necessity of expression from influences and distractions. Let your child paint his imaginations freely without being judged or directed. Slowly over a period of time the child will become more aware of himself and his imaginations.

3) It all starts with Playing
There is a reason why we prefer to use the term ‘play music’ instead of ‘perform music’. Playfulness is the most primal human emotion. Put your children in a room full of things. Give them instruments and they’ll start playing. Let them get entertained by the sounds. While the instrument gets banged, bent and battered,
the children will laugh, shout and get scared by the sounds. And that is just the beginning….

4) Outside the world of textbooks
I never throw the waste outside my home. I pick up simple challenges from the real life scenarios around me for example water problems and then let kids come up with their best solutions to the constraints. In the process they learn to explore, discuss, empathise and sows a seed in them to be of service.

5) Out in the Woods
The jungle is home to a wide range of sights, sounds, smells and feelings. Even just sitting by a river or a hill teaches you patience, calmness and how subtle beauty can be. The shapes, textures, landscapes and sounds will inspire awe and wonder. Carry a pen , paper, paintbrushes in case someone feels like drawing or painting something. Ah, last but not the least, carry some tasty food to tingle the tongue.

6) Give them space
Instead of planning each and every moment of their day, let them loose sometimes. Let them play with other kids and interact with whatever is around them. Letting go and allowing kids to enjoy the process of creation will help them develop mentally, socially and emotionally.

Anuja Agarwal

I am a behavioral, leadership and financial Trainer. I am a Chartered Accountant, a Neuro-Linguistic Certified Practitioner, a Landmark Curriculum graduate and an experiential educator. I am very passionate about traveling and music and keep participating in running events like pinkathons and half marathons. I have touched upon every state in India except five states in the northeast and have been trained in Hindustani classical music for two years.I am also the founder of the organization Creative Kabira which has a vision of unleashing Creative confidence in younger citizens of the world.

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Kailas Posted on8:57 pm - Nov 21, 2017

Very well written Anuja we are missing these aspects in our education system. We have developed Agritourism near pune so that children can enjoy freely at our farm

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