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December 2017

Graceful Fears

Don’t define that for me I know that pretty well What is it that is still not addressed? The man said I quivered with fear What to say next I stumbled onto thoughts that made me reflect I am hesitant… Continue Reading →

Come Meet Me Face to Face

Ahaan !! When I woke up with that great smile I imagined what my day will look like All set to take the stride And a call comes and I sit back with my phone with a pride I thought… Continue Reading →

My Encounter with Shi-va

Right from the start, I was of a religious blend of mind. Visiting temples, saying my morning and evening prayers, reciting shlokas, observing fasts, staying clear of alcohol and non-vegetarian meals on certain days, etc. This was taught to me… Continue Reading →

Understand the Generation Gap

This thought process, compiled by Late Varaaha (supported by his own graphic), is centered on relationship between members of families in India. He uniquely rests the concept on turbulence visible, on the secular structure.   Since days unknown, a powerful… Continue Reading →

Be the Light

Hold the darkness tightly than the light For it has shown you what light seems like Even when you don’t have anything Say that you have everything What is often most neglected Is often sought after It may put you in… Continue Reading →

Emotional Intelligence during times of distress

Some time back, I faced a harrowing situation. Along with my daughters, I was returning home from my parents’ place. The evening had witnessed a very heavy downpour. In spite of my worst intuitions and those of my better half… Continue Reading →

Wedding is for a Day, Marriage is for Lifetime

Since their Wedding, Jenny and Arthur like any sweet couple were on fire. Love kindled and sparks flew every time they touched each other. Well, thats when intimacy is at its peak. Their “Non of your business” deeds weren’t restricted… Continue Reading →

Are You Reacting or Responding to Your Child’s Behaviors?


By C T JOSHI, Senior Journalist, Bengaluru Mahatma Gandhiji had a little worn-out butt of a pencil. He always used it for writing. He would not buy a new pen or pencil. Nor accept any other offered by others. He had clung to it,… Continue Reading →

Basaveshwara, the great proponent

Learned scholars often grow arrogant and quarrel with one another in the name of God. Bhakthi margis (those in spiritual path), who experienced the presence of God around them had shown that scholarship was not the only way to please… Continue Reading →

The Light within

LIGHT WITHin- Relationship can be dangerous  ( WEAK or STRONG) Today I was a late riser, as it was SATURDAY a weekend. I held my cup of tea and started having glimpse of old newspaper that I tended to discard…. Continue Reading →


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