Are You Reacting or Responding to Your Child’s Behaviors?

Are You Reacting or Responding to Your Child’s Behaviors?

Are You Reacting or Responding to Your Child’s Behaviors?

It was an unwinding Saturday evening, and suddenly my doorbell rang. I hurried to open the door and was surprised to see my close friend Ritika wailing vigorously standing in front of me just waiting for me to solicit her the reason for her upheaval. I simply let her in and endeavored to make her comfortable. Really I was extremely frightened to solicit her the reason for her condition. Ritika had a nuclear family and was stressed while dealing with her teenage son. She is much disciplined and expected her son Aryan to be self-disciplined, aspiring and achiever in scholastics. Aryan is an intelligent smart young child however in the meantime excessively spoiled by parents as well relatives. As Aryan grew up in his teenage he started disobeying his parents when it came to studies. His grades began diminishing from A to C and even E in a few subjects. As he will be appearing his board exams in couple of years Ritika was profoundly concerned of Aryan’s falling grades. She was devastated as she was not finding solution to her major challenge of “How to mentor her son for doing regular studies?”

I accumulated my mettle and gradually asked her, “What happened Ritika?”. The minute she heard this inquiry she began portraying the entire story in a solitary breath. She had been to Aryan’s School for his first term results and the grades this time were C, D, or E in all subjects. The major pain was that Aryan was not attempting all the questions from his question paper. He had become habitual to attempting only half of the question paper. And this was a shock to Ritika. She had tried putting him to various tuitions, group coaching, punishing, giving rewarding deals for achieving goods marks and so on. But none of the strategies worked to support her.

I could feel the torment of a mother for upbringing her child and shaping his career. In the meantime I was attempting to associate with the over spoiled youngster who was making a plunge in the pool of extravagances and was not having any reason in his life to contemplate hard or accomplish anything. During the time spent doing all the “Sanskars” on their kids parents overlook that they are simply remedying their youngsters practices from time to time. Who likes to get redressed ceaselessly? Envision if in our office our bosses keep on calling attention at our slip-ups and rectifying us then how awful we will feel? Then how can parents anticipate their children to value similar revisions pointed out by parents.

After  influencing Ritika to comprehend the idea of not amending her kid persistently and simply valuing his little good behaviors and accomplishments she was to some degree relaxed and got the confidence that still it’s not very late and she will have the capacity to bring her child Aryan back on track. We had an awesome supper and she cleared out for home.

Following a month she rang me and gave me the feedback that Aryan had begun getting his work done and was choosing objectives and focuses for his upcoming examination for second term. He was engaged in his academics and Ritika was hardly any instructing towards Aryan.

Many guardians particularly moms experience the ill effects of the worry of managing their kids non adequate practices according to the guardians rule books. Rather than rectifying the youngsters and concentrating on their oversights we should look past the supposed guidelines and directions which we have made to keep our kids in the rat race. It’s an ideal opportunity to associate with our youngster as a person as his companion his guide his mentor and begin acknowledging what is great in the kid.

Just when we associate then we can give some feedback or pathways on enhancements to the youngsters or even some other individuals in our life.

Lets think in some ways by which we can engage kids and we can also be the part of their activities.

Priya Tawde
Priya Tawde

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