I have been through this

Many a times I say

This time, this life

The people, these dialogues

Somewhere in the back of my mind

I have heard and witnessed

The glimpse of unheard unspoken stories 

I may not remember all

But definitely I have been through this before.

Like I say to myself

Calm down, it’s just a matter of time

Wait, you reached and the doors are shut without sound

Yes I have seen and felt

Amidst everything that is said and done

An unnoticed vision of something that I always wanted to touch.

I traveled not once nor thrice

Met people and belongings multiple times

How is it that every time I see

I see something new and smile

This isn’t a phenomenon or a false spark

What I was looking for 

Was in itself a fire burning within the star

I was being pulled towards it with an unknown magnetism

It seems a bit illusionary

If I be asked to define it in layman terms

I would rather be left with a dumb  mouth

Had I be asked to be vocal of how this life sounds

While ago it seemed so real

Now I am out of it

Ask me what happened that I now experience no fear

Truly, I have been here before and through this life

I don’t know if its a matter in time or a black crystal polished in white.


We all experience life sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy.

How is it for you Colored or a Black and White notion of real and unreal blazing avatars.