Like the hues of the morning glow,

Like the lucent sunshine thru the door

Like the evening breeze that flows

You walked in my heart like a Cupid rose
Like a crazy hailstorm the day before
Like the whirlwind that left my wounds so sore
Like the waves of the oceans kissing the shores
You left me breathless  and wanting a bit more
Like the way, nature spins its web
Like the way a magician casts its spell
Like the karma destines a heaven or hell
You tugged at my strings, how, I could never tell
Like the fragrance of the lavender that swayed
Like the early morning tea, I craved
Like the shallows that echoed few unheard things
Your shadow stalked me and whispered sweet nothings
Love is but an illusion or is it to stay?
Is it a cruel frolic of destinies or a beautiful life play?
Can it be leashed, can it be banished?
Can it be helped, judged, can it just vanish?
Who knows, who are we to say…
Let it flow, let it grow, let it stay…