My Encounter with Shi-va

My Encounter with Shi-va

My Encounter with Shi-va

Right from the start, I was of a religious blend of mind. Visiting temples, saying my morning and evening prayers, reciting shlokas, observing fasts, staying clear of alcohol and non-vegetarian meals on certain days, etc.

This was taught to me by my parents and society. I used to do all this as a matter of habit, without understanding the real purpose. One day, I visited a dear friend of mine who introduced me to the book ADIYOGI by Sadhguru.

Since I am an avid reader, I started reading the first chapter as a matter of habit. Soon I realised that this book was not the regular run-of-the-mill stuff.

I could not classify it as fiction, fact, news, science, political, etc. Moreover, I could not classify the book as a Religious book. It is about SPIRITUALITY.

Friends, Spirituality and Religion are 2 different things. Spirituality precedes religion. Spirituality is developing the capability to take our very life process in our own hands.

The book changed my outlook towards life and my relationships. In quest for that much needed inner peace,

I immersed myself into reading and understanding the book. At the same time, I started visiting Shi-va temples, along with my life companion (Anju).

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