From Flab to Fab

From Flab to Fab

From Flab to Fab

Is Flab Fab?

Rhea took one more bite of the chocolate, “One more last time, before I go on my diet, keep up with the nutritionist’s mandate”. Rhea had gone from fab to flab after marriage; her self-image had taken a severe beating with the piling pounds. She had gained a sizeable amount of weight post her pregnancy, opting for a work from home option over a regular 9-5 job, attending to the whims and fancies of their cute 6-year-old daughter Myrrah, looking after her old and ailing in-laws was a demanding job in her husband Rahul’s absence as he had a traveling job.She was forever postponing her gynecologist’s appointments finding excuses a dime to a dozen, prioritizing a PTA meeting, giving preference to an occupational therapist for her in-laws over herself.

Lifestyle Chaos

I have read somewhere that perhaps the story of our life can be summed up in four words; small, medium, large and for the very unlucky ones who succumb to the evils of overeating, sedentary lifestyle, the chaotic hormones – XL, XXL and so on. When we are younger, especially as demure brides, we sport the very coveted figures which we soon lose in childbirth, the very excuse we Indian women were waiting forever  -to lose control of our diet – eating for two instead of one.


Biological clock ticking by


Sometimes our professions demand an hourglass figure, accompanied by a glowing skin, a chic hairstyle (not a single strand of hair out of place). But come 40’s, waiting on the doorstep are hormone imbalance, thyroid, PCOD and a myriad of other problems which crop up from nowhere.In these trying times, we just need a support group, friends, and family who understand you, your mood swings and help you to look beyond your newfound limitations.




It’s our attitude that defines us, we women should wake up the fact moving from a certain size to size 0 is a mirage and should learn to accept ourselves as we are.Vidya Balan beats the stereotype, she not only impresses us with the roles she picks and portrays but her sensible style of dressing in Indian attire which not only compliments her curves and is easy on the eye too. This is a sensible approach to life as opposed to the stories where we hear that those in the glamour world sometimes survive only a few grams of grain in a day, others only on juices resulting in dizzy spells and low glucose levels. Inviting health hazards, aren’t we?


Self image

It is very imperative that we have a very realistic self-image, which is a mixture of our positive and negative attributes. Having unrealistic goals regarding fitness, a career can be a drawback sometimes. Self-evaluation from time to time can encourage us to change, adapting to the changing scenario leading to growth and success on personal and professional fronts.


All that ends well

As for Rhea she had a reality check, she stumbled into one of her classmates at a coffee shop whose hourglass figure made her feel sheepish and clumsy that she had neglected herself for so long. She put mind over matter, decided to enroll in a fitness class, altered her diet and regained not only her figure but her confidence too along the way. Rahul was happy to have his wife back though he loved her with all the extra curves as he knew that his woman was not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too. And he knew he was blessed to have her.


Tanishq Dedhia

Aparna Dedhia, from Mumbai .She is a textile designer, writer for travel sites, blogs and is a ghost writer. Her main interests lies in connecting with people and giving life to their emotions through her writing.

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