Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

I love vicariously through lovers on the streets,
basking in their smiles and borrowing their blushes.
Reminiscing the days when we were once a thing,
without a worry of the world and destiny at our feet.

Rollickingly exuberant – freshly fallen in love.
The world was just us and we were all of the world.
“Never one without the other”, said our immature hearts,
till fate played a spoilsport and drew us apart.

My joy is fleeting and my rapture bites the dust.
Reality catches my bluff, tarnishing my dreams to rust.
I look at my fingers and your clasp is missing.
I try to feel you around, but your warmth is missing.

Through the day, all your promises have had my heart pierced.
By the night, I have had all your memories recalled and rehearsed.
Moving on seems like a distant dream – a self denied bliss,
for forgetting you even for a while seems like Judas’ kiss.

I smile incessantly, knowing no better way of hiding my pain.
But my eyes blemish the masquerade – revealing all that I feign.
If I could equate a world of happiness with just a word,
it’s the sound of your name that I would be drawn toward.

In a different dimension somewhere, we will again be united.
Frolicking madly with love and laughter…
being the same crazy ones, who once lived and loved,
And dreamed of having a “Happily ever after”…

Abhishek Banerji
Abhishek Banerji

Abhishek is the Founder of The Skill Hub – Skills that set you Apart, a company dedicated to personal and professional development through Skill Building. He has been an award winning Business & Communication Consultant and has consulted for NASSCOM Emerge 50 and BBC featured MNCs & Startups. He is a Dale Carnegie certified trainer, certified in Emotional Intelligence (ANLP & ECNLP), Neuro-Linguistic- Programming (ABNLP), Trained in Storytelling by Ralf Watson (White Wolf), Certified in Basic Transactional Analysis from Institute for Counselling & Transactional Analysis (ICTA) and is an Alumnus of Anupam Kher’s Acting Academy. As a speaker, he has won numerous awards at National and International Forums.


Aparna Posted on9:02 am - Dec 21, 2017

you can love someone so much but you can never love as much you can miss them.

Abhishek Posted on5:24 pm - Dec 22, 2017

Very true Aparna. 🙂

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