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Body shaming is a term coined in recent times for an old age social skill or practice of insulting individuals who don’t match up to our standards of beauty and perfections. But of course, we all know that. Yet, all of us at some level have practised it at some point. From the time, we are infants, we are evaluated for our skin colour, our crop of hair, colours of our eyes to adherence to a set of walking and talking milestones. The race begins then and never quite ends. Our parents, aunts and uncles scan us through our adolescent years passing comments on our height, weight, complexion and even eye and hair colour. The comments can swing between statements of pride for our own kids to statements of concern, insult or even envy for others kids. Sad that we are conditioned to the point of being inconsiderate. Being born dusky and grown not quite tall, I went thru misery in my adolescent years. As years passed, blessed with few good friends and peers, I have come to accept and even love myself. But not everyone succeeds in doing so. Many suffer from innumerable complexes. Little do they realise that they are in fact being targeted so their bullies can feel better about themselves. Their bodies are pointed out to be imperfect so that they can go back ask their mirrors on the walls to vote for them. Yet, sometimes our near and dears also come from a place of concern. It could be a health concern if we are overweight or even their concern that we may get bullied if we are not perfect. We may then accept this more easily. But either way, the act must be shunned. We must question the concept of perfection. Must introspect why one must confine to others image of being perfect. Might even question the polarity of judgement. Why is fair, slim and tall beautiful and not otherwise? Why even bother to label. Why give anyone a right, why take the right? Think about it…we owe it to our future


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