I’m Standing In A Place

I’m Standing In A Place

I’m Standing In A Place
I’m standing in a place

Where everything I believe

Does happen

Only if I say so

Before I even say it or do it

It happens in the way

I make a universal call

I do believe for there is a connect

Deep and wide

I always search for answers

In a million dreams that keep me alive

Who is who?

What is it?

There exists nothing

That I can’t be.

I’m standing in a place

That appears magnificent

How is it

That I will be with me forever

Until the sunset meets the morning sun.

I walk down and stop

I sit and simply watch

The roads, the folks

And the ways

Stories are told

I’m standing in a place

While I am growing old

As I look around and see

There are some things you just can’t see

I’ve known myself a long go

I had picturised myself in the theatrical shows

Who is who?

What is it?

Who better than you know?

I’m standing in a place

Where one be one with self

And just be

Truly there be freedom then

If we have the wholeness 

In whatever we want to be.

We all are up to a discovery of self. 
Many a times we do find ourselves and then we don't stand in a place
and well try to say we got lost. 
Lost is not necessarily lost if the ways to reach are defined.
Stand in a place where you truly want to be FOUND.

Summi Arora
Summi Arora

Summi Arora is Social Entrepreneur by profession living in Pune. Writing poetry is something that comes to her naturally. She loves to empower people and contribute to this world through her expression of writing.

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