“The language of silence is the language of heart”

“The language of silence is the language of heart”


HeartSpeaks can be listened only when the mind is willing to embrace silence. Mind is the monkey, keeps on fidgeting around with everything in life. Most of the humanity have problem quieting the mind. Many are masters of verbal bombardment even for no reasons. They start somewhere and end somewhere else. They hardly think about those poor listeners. Now, you can imagine what could be the scenario with own heartspeaks. Every moment heart tries to communicate something to each of us. But poor humans are so preoccupied with errands of life and destiny. They have no time to listen to their own heart. But let us realize that silence is golden because it separates or disconnects us from the words. Next time when you are overloaded with words, mute yourself or remain in sleep mode. No talking means you are in silence. In silence you understand better, you realize better and you can find tranquility and peace. Silence is empty but full of answers. Answers you can never imagine and expect.

Silence is the language of God/Existence. God speaks to us in silence. Need to be silent to listen to God/Existence. Silence is all around us. Sound is something that disrupts the golden silence. Sitting in silence and let the vibrations of the heart fill the universe. Live in silence. Be in silence. Be free from all noises of the world. Let us understand the power of silence. Let us make some time to listen to our own precious heart. Atleast give a try, listen what heart is trying to communicate. May be, take a pause from what you are doing, quite yourself. Give your ear to the language of silence, and then probably you can understand the language of heart. Everyday spare sometime allowing your heart to say something, let your mind learn to listen.

By Joji Valli

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