Don’t Let Your Loved Ones Disappear

Don’t Let Your Loved Ones Disappear

Don’t Let Your Loved Ones Disappear

Written by: Deepthi Musley

Tiny and small things in life contribute to the majority of happiness we experience. The greatness of life is sometimes experienced unexpectedly or as a coincidence. The most intricate as well as the simplest of questions have an answer. Pay attention to experience life’s unique ways of answering.

I wondered how to explain to a tiny mind (my child), why we framed our loved ones when they left us and went to an unknown land. As a child, when I lost my Grandma my thoughts were the same as that of my son on the day he asked me the question. I earnestly wanted to meet my grandma just once more then, to let her know how much I loved her, and wished, something magical happened, and she jumped out from the photo frame so we could speak to each other again.

During my growing years, I followed the family tradition of praying to the departed souls of friends and family mechanically on their (Death anniversary or All Souls Day) and offered my prayers for their souls to rest in peace. I always wondered how the prayers offered to the dead only on All Souls Day or on their Death anniversary made them feel special in their heavenly abode when they remained in their family’s prayers even on other days. All that was indistinct became distinct to me when my curiosity led me into understanding the facts and the purpose of acknowledging the All Souls Day, through some reading of books, and clarifications which I had sought with my elders in the family.

The elucidations I gained about this day as a youngster, broke its silence when years later my son asked me the same question on the day of his great grandmother’s death anniversary.

A simple question my son had asked had put me into thinking. I paused a bit and bargained for some time from him to think about different ways to help him understand the purpose of praying to the dead family members. After he had agreed, he soon got excited to visit the movie hall to watch the animated movie COCO. Little did I know the movie had a surprise in store for my son and me. We entered the movie hall to experience sheer joy. Our Fun Date was on. In no time I momentarily forgot about gathering stories and examples to answer the question later in the day.

As my son and I entered the mall and headed towards the movie hall, I planned to think about the answers to my son’s question while we watched the movie. I mentally prepared myself to sacrifice my part of the excitement partially.

As we sat down in our seats to watch the movie after the National Anthem was over, I quickly dropped a note of prayer to my Grandma to help me with examples to quote to my son when I would explain to him about why we pray to the departed souls and worship their photo frames.

The Universe is ever aware and planning on your behalf, for you to execute the right actions and intentions. The same happened to me. While I was trying hard to gather information and best examples in my mind to help my son understand what he wanted to know. The universe offered the solution to me in the form of cinematic brilliance.

Disney pictures ensured that my love for animation was not disturbed. COCO was the answer to my son’s question.

 Every new generation that stems from the family tree tends to forget about their second last ancestors who existed before them. The nuclear and busy families are left with little or no time, and sometimes with little or no idea about their ancestors. The latter generations as a matter of limited choice occasionally accommodate the ancestors in their hearts by offering a mass prayer.

My son was glad to understand from the movie COCO that every family keeps the pictures of their ancestors to remember them, and to understand the truth, that Death was a path on which their ancestors had walked upon to reach to the other end of life, where the land of the souls exists. The ancestors living in the Spirit-land are the spirit guides who continue to bless their family members living on earth. The Spirit guides wait for their family members until they complete their lifespan on earth and join them back in the Spirit-land to celebrate the eternal reunion.

 The picture of a departed family member is the strength which keeps them alive in the other world. Memories of the deceased family members create an eternal bonding between the two worlds. The memories of the ancestors among the newer generations that stem from the family tree will eventually fade, and the Spirit-Guides will then disappear from the land of the souls. To keep the Spirit-Guides alive and safe in the other world, their families on earth should make an effort to pass on the legacy of their ancestors to the future generations. The legacy of love, and memories.

Logically and emotionally, the movie COCO helped my son and me to establish a relationship with our ancestors. I could feel the lost connection with my grandma coming to life after several years.

Through this article, I intend to awaken the child within everyone and the hope, that one day we will all join our Spirit-Guides and loved ones at the other end of the life’s bridge.

Let us ensure not to forget our departed loved ones and make them disappear from the Happy Land of the SPIRITS…

I would love to conclude by saying fiction is the reality of happiness. Smile a mile…

Deepthi Musley
Deepthi Musley

Deepthi Musley is an NLP practitioner/Coach/Trainer/Blogger/Author/Lyricist

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