Nandini –An empty Cup

Nandini –An empty Cup

Nandini –An empty Cup


Nandini was obsessed with her family, she wanted a spic and span home , the children sent off to their school and classes on schedule , their assignments submitted on time , her husband and children’s health and daily diet her top priority .





Striving for excellence….



Nandini always associated superior performance at work place with good work ethics and strength of character. She believed that anything short of perfection was unacceptable and it would be the end of the world if anything less than perfect would be put forward.

In her job as an AD to a jewellery designer, she never short changed, coming with new ideas and concepts; seeing to it that all orders were dispatched on time, often driving up her colleagues up the wall with her demands for perfection bordering on OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).




Running the show seamlessly…..


She managed to run the entire show be it home or office on her finger tips, forgetting one important aspect in the entire scenario – herself .She forgot to replenish herself, associating self care with selfishness .Fatigue set in, she felt jaded all the time. She started falling ill, every few days – sometimes it would be a bout of cold which would end up in a nagging, persistent cough, on other days a nagging headache which would subside only after taking pain killers. It would only go away only after a visit the doctor – a round of antibiotics which would in turn leave her with an upset stomach. She felt lowering her standards would tarnish her image overlooking the fact that it would in fact ease the stress, the panic attacks, and the anxiety which was eating her up invisibly in the process of being the perfectionist.



Cognizance and Action…..



Then one fine day realisation set in, it dawned upon her that though we have a demanding day to day schedule, one also has to learn to take care of oneself. It took great valour on her part to make her family realize that they, her family would be her top priority but she would also give precedence to herself .She signed up for the new Zumba class in her complex, took up chanting classes twice a week, instructed the cook to make special vegan meals for her taking care of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) .Her family adapted to the new changes with a few glitches here and there.







This epiphany triggered a list of changes –she took out time to write her blog –which she had been want to write for quite some time. She wanted to write about her experiences in Mumbai, as an outsider who made it big. She hailed from small town Kanpur and had found a foothold in this city of dreams named ‘Mumbai” albeit with a bag experiences some sweet some not so sweet. She also decided to go an extra mile by imparting to her juniors at work, some of her skills she had acquired in the course of her career. This created an amiable atmosphere at work as opposed to the previous one where everyone was on tenterhooks waiting for her reactions to day to day situations-mundane and important.





All this introduced positive changes in her life, making her realize – “Remember to take care of yourself; it is difficult to serve from an empty cup”.





Tanishq Dedhia

Aparna Dedhia, from Mumbai .She is a textile designer, writer for travel sites, blogs and is a ghost writer. Her main interests lies in connecting with people and giving life to their emotions through her writing.


adi lakshmi
Sahana Sundar Posted on5:49 am - Dec 13, 2017

Most of the Indian women forget themselves in that fervor of taking care of their husband and children. At work their perfectionist attitude does not let them to delegate work. The end result is they suffer and don’t have their life of their own. This aspect is very well brought out in Nandini’s story.
Aparna, a very well written story with a strong message to today’s women. Keep writing…
Your writings are great and add value to Spark.

Kshama Posted on1:37 pm - Dec 14, 2017

True for Indian women on there 40s but am happy to see it change in the next generations..maybe they have seen their mothers and are making a more bold and confident choices..sometimes supported by their partners as well..loved the story…

Rupali Pasad Posted on5:56 pm - Dec 14, 2017

Superb writing with the perfect message for women… especially the Indian Women who feel thinking about their own happiness or well being above the family is a crime … I believe You cannot spread Happiness unless you yourself are happy

    Aparna Posted on2:21 am - Dec 15, 2017

    Thanks, this all . This holds true for women in theie 40’s. The newer generation is more aware.

Meenakshi dedhia Posted on6:34 pm - Dec 14, 2017

Lovely and superb writing

Neelam Posted on4:30 am - Dec 15, 2017

This is a fact of most the Indian women.Its high time they need to prioritize themselves …. Gr8 write up Aparna ! The need of an hour !

Aparna Posted on6:33 am - Dec 18, 2017

Thanks a lot , plan to keep on coming up with more such stories

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