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December 2017

Its All Up on Your Mind

Sometimes you try and sometimes it makes you cry Sometimes you fail but again sometimes you fly high Its possible,Coz its all up on your mind Some will say you are not a good risk taker Some will say you… Continue Reading →

The Supreme Religion

There has been growing religious intolerance in India which is a matter of high concern. It’s more of an issue about self-expression but I’ll stick to the religious front for now. So, as you can tell by the title of… Continue Reading →

Relationship with the Self – A Beautiful Relationship

Every Relationship involves 2. Without 2 people the relationship cannot be complete. It’s an exchange of energy which either makes the relationship stronger or weaker. Many people spend all their lives doing things for others without thinking about the self and… Continue Reading →

Is She Worth it

Sasha, a very beautiful, caring and loving woman, was trying to adjust with the new home and new place they had just moved in. Things were settling in slowly and she was weaving the thoughts of future with her family… Continue Reading →


‘Father is first hero for his son and first love for his daughter.’  ‘Every woman may not be queen for her husband but she is always a princess to her father.’ ‘No one in this world can love a girl… Continue Reading →

How do U Define Relationship-Success, What does it mean to U??

How do u define RELATIONSHIP -SUCCESS –what does it mean to you?? What is success? It’s a question we often think about when it comes to our profession. But we rarely ask it about our relationships. Knowing the answer could… Continue Reading →

PINKATHON – Women who can drive a change

PINKATHON – Women who can drive a change !!A race which drove me More power ..More than Just a Marathon !!! The final few days before any major sports event is full of excitement!! Be it the organizers or the… Continue Reading →

Is Flab Fab? Rhea took one more bite of the chocolate, “One more last time, before I go on my diet, keep up with the nutritionist’s mandate”. Rhea had gone from fab to flab after marriage; her self-image had taken… Continue Reading →

Did you say Love?


                                                                               … Continue Reading →

-The Kansas Iron Man –

Highlights –  Amazing story of a boy who was supposed to die beautifully shows the incredible power of determination.  Glenn Cunningham, by name The Kansas Ironman, or The Kansas Flyer  (born Aug. 4, 1909, Atlanta, Kansan, U.S.      American middle-distance runner who repeatedly broke… Continue Reading →

Coffee Without Sugar…

“One coffee, extra milk and no sugar please!” said a lady in a pink, chiffon salwar kameez to the waiter. I noticed her from a distance and instantly recognized her. Her burgundy-brown hair still bounced on her shoulders and her… Continue Reading →

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