In one of my corporate assignments, my boss had this habit of not receiving my calls when I most
needed to talk to him, whether it was for some approval, some advice or some help. After a few more
unanswered calls and messages, I used to feel crestfallen. You name every disruptive emotion and
they had taken their high seat in my being. Rejection, dejection, frustration – it was all there. These
feelings would totally take me in their clutches and stay in me for a long period disrupting my
productivity. I still used to take my decisions, seek alternate people for advice etc. etc., but used to
feel miserable for quite some time.
Then, one day I got this bright idea. It was another such instance. Before these disruptive emotions
would swoon down on me and engulf me in their energy sapping aura, I immediately dialled my loving
hubby. I can never get anything but cheer, warmth and love from him. In the bright light of these
beautiful emotions, the poisonous emotions which were just starting to dig their fangs in me, got
rattled and vanished. So, I had acted smart with my emotions and managed to turn the positive ones
It’s true – positive and beautiful emotions of love, compassion, empathy, cheer, warmth…… are far
more powerful than disruptive emotions, whether they be anger, jealousy, dejection, depression or
rejection. We are emotional beings and, believe it or not, every action of ours is a result of some
emotion of ours. Therefore, it is so important to be in touch with ourselves and understand and label
the feeling dominating us and then the reason for this feeling. Once we are able to recognise our
emotions and their cause, we can do something about it.
So, when positive emotions are so much more powerful than the negative ones, why not have a
strategy to dominate these destructive emotions by the good and life fuelling emotions!
“But how do we do it?” this must be the question in your mind, right? Well, while emotions trigger
actions, actions also trigger emotions. It works both ways. So, if you are feeling sad, put on your
walking shoes and go out in the park for a brisk walk or a rendezvous with the flora and the fauna over
there. Empty your mind and feel freshness and happiness enter every pore of your being….

If you are feeling angry, do something which you love to do and which expends your energy……. hit
the gym, start gardening, dance on your favourite music………the idea is to be smart with your
emotions. Take control of them before they do……. everything in life is transient and so are bad times.
That doesn’t mean that you do not stay happy, peaceful and composed. One of the main characteristic
of all successful people has been that they knew how to stay composed and turn seeming
disadvantages to their advantages.
Be smart with your emotions, be Emotionally Intelligent.