The Light within

The Light within

The Light within

LIGHT WITHin- Relationship can be dangerous  ( WEAK or STRONG)

Today I was a late riser, as it was SATURDAY a weekend.

I held my cup of tea and started having glimpse of old newspaper that I tended to discard. I was really bereaved and my heart came out for “LITTLE ANANDI” who played a strong character combating the social-evils persistent in society.

We want happiness but our ways are full of negativity. We don’t want unhappy moments but do everything that leads to gloom.

You start living your life on your terms. There’s a live”in” lifestyles we adopt. There are certain social ethics, laws & customs.

And there’s an institution called MARRAIGE, you can’t bluff it.

We try to find happiness with all bad reasons.

Then I turned the paper. My eyes widened & my face radiated by reading “THE KISS OF LIFE” by Imraan Hashmi. His 3 year old son was detected with life threatening CANCER.

But he took a brave heart and laughed with his child that the SUPERHERO is within us. BE IT SUPERMAN


SPIDERMAN OR DORAEMON .The gadgets of happiness is all with us. THE HOPE


THE COURAGE is all in us.

We just need to discover it.



You should kick off your abused relationships be it your most needed relations of all your life. We are the creators of our destiny. If you find yourself getting bullied at some juncture of your life be it in college or family. Bounce back…

I too and we all have highs and lows in relationship, situations past or present. At times, I prayed to GOD humbly, to give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change & give me the power to survive. I had my days the anti depressants and the Shakespeare’s hallucinations. (laughs)

But all said and done, please do follow your instinct and pray to Almighty and, God gives only that much pain and hardships that we can bear.

My Mother was a superhero, for me

And I am a super hero for my friend’s ,my children, my husband.

And I’m damn sure my children will turn up to be a DORAEMON armed with all the gadgets of happiness, keep communication (fb, insta, twitter, WhatsApp)short, won’t misuse the technologies and social norms. God called us SUPREME BEING because we are articulated by the wealth of hope, bravery and courage that eventually heals you.

Keep forgiving people. There’s a Pratyusha a Whitney Houston & a Kanhaiya in all of us. It depends on whom we feed within. Either you win or lose. The footprints you leave behind should be a lesson for you to look. I’m proud and dignified for who I am and, I’m surely going to teach there generation, the affects of positivity in life. A lesson for all of us how a small kid who disguised himself as superhero and defeated dreaded CANCER.

And simultaneously you have a lethal love story n heartbreak leading suicide.

MODERNITY is not all about wearing tattoo and tattered jeans. Modernity is the make yourself a role model and set an example who you can boost off. As a parent its our responsibility to teach the basic lessons of life.

You are a gay or lesbian, you go for a night outs or one nightstands.

As a great scholar says ” Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart so that fresh, green leaves can grown in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow.


Depression, stress and sadness leads to negativity that leads to break up.

Is it a genetic vulnerability?

Is it severe life stressors?

For some its a chemical ‘imbalance’. Yes, you read right. As according to WHO

Australian’s aged between 15-44 years report major suicidal deaths. Every year approx 3000 and daily 8 people? Isn’t it alarming in itself.

Not only Australian s but according to WHO INDIA too has highest rate of maniac patients with 36% of depression & highest suicidal rate. (

The modern medication stresses more on anti-depressants that have an effect on Brain chemical transmitters (serotonin), (noradrenaline) which relay messages to brain cells.


But we have few examples too


is herself a depression fighter, a brave soul indeed.

We must have seen her breaking down in front of BURKHA DUTT while explaining suicide and depression. She is a part of

Anti suicidal squad named ” THE LIVE LOVE LAUGH FOUNDATION.

It has taken its toll on great celebrities as big as MARILYN MONROE, WHITNEY HOUSTAN, GURU DUTT, JIAH KHAN, SILK SMITHA, NAFISA JOSEPH

there are many you must be knowing.

And as small as our local sabziwala to local house maid’s.

Talk to them and support them.

And if you are the victim FIGHT BACK. LIFE CHOSES WINNER’S

and we are a winner being born in human race far intelligent species. Believe live love and say HELLO ZINDAGI…..WELCOME ME LIFE”

Sorrow, repentance, hard times and suicide want happiness but our ways are full of negativity. We don’t want unhappy moments but do everything that leads to sorrow.

Lambihai ye ghamkiraat

magar ye raat hi to hai

ye safarbahuthaikathinmagar

naudaasho mere humsafar

Ashi Kalim
Ashi Kalim

ASHI KALIM is a National Book Honour Awarded Author, An international poetess and a content writer at www.allaboutlives. com, eyogguroo,, writes for Times of India (Jaipuria Management) Supplementary. She stands amongst TOP TRENDING AUTHORS Of 2018- DÉ MODÉ. Her poems find space on an international level. Her poetry “I DO BLEED” has been published internationally! She keeps writing for world peace, the need of the hour. She has given her powerful words to the cause of Refugees, Racism and Syrian kids in an international anthology titled “ REFUGEES, RACISM- RESISTANCE & HUMANITARIAN VOICES “VOL I published in U.K. She has worked in DEFENSE ACADEMY. She is an orator and an activist too. She speaks her mind through her pen and participates in various social causes.

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