All my life, I’ve tried in vain to decide

What you’re worth and what you are to me

I’ve noticed, my perceptions are fleeting

Based on how, with my life you agree


There are days, I see, I feel

the Sun never sets in our life of bliss

And then comes a day, thundering by

When I know that there is something amiss


I smile at you and I laugh with you

And everything is fine, jubilant and apt

Then you treat me with scorn and glare at me

In a shadowy cave I writhe, I’m trapped


Now I open my eyes and see for the first time

Our life together was determined by me

My feelings, my perceptions, my judgments

Everything mine, then what are ‘we’?


Your worth I finally resolve, is not to be decided by me

You’re more valuable than my short-lived, fickle emotions

You’re an important part of my life, but I’m human

And a human I’ll try to be






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