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January 2018

Chaya 4

Life is a reflection of your thought and action. Thoughts have immense power to sublime your action. Once carefully chosen, it can assist you to get your dream. If not been wise enough, You would not consider worthy enough to… Continue Reading →

Rural Society – Then and Now

Varaaha Series by B S Ranganath Human divide on the basis of race, caste, faith and economic disparity is a curse on our society. Modern ways of life have almost eradicated this evil in cities. But in rural areas, untouchability is… Continue Reading →

What about self respect when we address ‘Respected Sir’?

Respect is a small word that has so much importance in our daily life and plays a key role. Is it possible for us to live without it (Respect)? Absolutely ‘no’. We are depending on it for our survival with… Continue Reading →

Chaya …an incredible journey Part #3

Rupu – our dear parrot

  The other day my Mother was on the phone. She sounded very excited. “Do you know, there is this parrot which flies into our house for the last 2 days, sits on my hand, also on my shoulder and then… Continue Reading →

Eyes Behind the Hijab

Bhats are the priest class among the ‘Gauda Saraswat Brahmin’ in Mangalore District in Karnataka. When the second child also turned out to be a girl, Ravindra Bhat has decided to let her follow the dream once her mother had…. Continue Reading →

Phoenix on the Tiger’s Rock

If you ask me, if the  Phoenix are real, my answer will be YES and that too a BIG YES!!. I know that not only they are real, but I also know that there any many Phoenix as opposed to… Continue Reading →

God is tired and retired

Varaaha Series by B S Ranganath God made this earth a heaven for humans and other living beings. He gave Air,Water and Soil for the well being of all. Man went on enjoying God’s creation without a sense of responsibility towards… Continue Reading →

Nature’ teaching: Be like an eagle, soar high in the sky….

By Arbind Kumar Mental power is the strongest of all. We receives stimulus from Nature. Nature is the biggest creator. Process of experiment by Nature started billion years ago and according to the knowledge of science, this was Homo Neanderthalensis… Continue Reading →

Take you a tour to Gangtok from right where you are

Ling and the Emperor of China

There is a parable I came across recently. It goes something like this: “Once an emperor from China who had no children and needed to choose a successor. Thousands of children from across the kingdom came to the palace and were… Continue Reading →


By Ashi Kalim Parenting is an art-a skill. Parents are their children “Bright Knights” and aspire to set a positive impact on their kiddos. The parents should always be a HERO for child. Getting weird on kids!!is a big no…. Continue Reading →

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