Sojourn:Mind,Body and Soul

Sojourn:Mind,Body and Soul

Sojourn:Mind,Body and Soul

Sojourn ; Mind, Body and soul



Going through Mind, body and soul is a unique experience in itself. Thus it helps us in discovering ourselves and living calm and composed life.


Historical perspective

Rene Descartes, the French Philosopher and mathematician, claimed that animals have no soul, therefore they cannot feel anything. Human beings alone have both – a soul and a body. That is why researcher directly intersected animals maintaining they have no soul. Hence, we have feelings and emotions, we think, and therefore we know that we exist. Is the body separate from the mind ? How are soul, mind and body related?  In modern psychology, we do not talk of the soul, but like philosophers, we still worry about the connection between body and mind. However, we do not think that they are quiet as separate as Descartes did. Simply, the mind is a collection of mental functions and these are clearly based on the structure, that is the brain. In ancient time, Hindu philosophers thoughts of the mind as the sixth organs along with the other five sense organs – eyes, ears, nose tongue and skin. We know the world through the five sense organs-eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. We can reflect on this knowledge through our mind. The Hindu philosophers thought that above the mind is the soul. The soul represents a part of cosmic cons-closeness in every man, women and child. Mental health can be preserved and developed by applying some general rules.
Most people use only 10%of brain; More people use only 10 percent of their total brain power. Some 90 percent remains forever untouched. Part of the problem is our laziness.

Use your brain as you can ; It is any wonder that so many people don’t know how to use/manage their brains? Put yours arm in a cast and secure it tightly against your chest, leaving it that way for three months. What will happen? In addition to ugly  skin, you won’t be able to use the arm after you remove the cast. The muscles will atrophy, will weaken from disuse, leaving you with an arm too weak to use. The human mind is like a muscle, when we don’t use it, we weaken its ability to function. It suffers a form of mental atrophy.  To develop the ability to produce good ideas, you have to exercise your brain.

Mind Management 

Health care professionals are trying to narrow the gap between soma (body) and psyche (mind) by forming new, hybrid disciplines which consider the whole person. These include behavioral medicine, psychosomatic medicine, holistic medicine and somatic psychotherapies or psycho technologies a big word for the therapies that aid the mind through work on the body, such as massage. All are responses to the dawning as well, but often these go unnoticed. It monitors blood chemicals, oxygen level, temperature, and other signs, without intruding into your consciousness. For any number of reasons, you may want to gain control over these functions, and you can do  this with the help of biofeedback technology.


Foods for thought

“You think what you eat.” – because foods have psychoactive powers. These powers are found not just in certain mushrooms and alcohol, but in the everyday ingredients of sandwiches, lasagna, and omelette.


Plan your Menus 

The mind altering effects of foods are subtle, and because of that we tend to overlook them. Researchers are only now charting the mental shifts that follow a meal or an overnight fast. But once you learn to recognize your reactions to certain foods, you can consciously plan your menus and mealtimes to favor mental work- or to settle the mind for a nap, if that’s your pleasure.


Overeating and lethargy 

  You may have noticed the mental lethargy that tends to set in after eating a large, starchy meal; carbohydrates have been found to indirectly raise levels of a brain chemical that retards the firing of neurons and promotes relaxation. That’s fine if you plan on taking a snooze. A better meal for mental performance might favor protein over carbohydrates, according to studies with both schoolchildren and older adults.


Psychoactive foods 

Glucose is only one item on the mind’s menu. The brain  requires other nutrients as well to make the neurotransmitters that regulate our thought processes. Although the brain’s business is conducted by tiny electrical leaps between nerve cells, this flow of electricity is either triggered or held back by neurotransmitters. And levels of neurotransmitters correspond to levels of certain essential amino acids that we ingest.


Researchers have traced post-meal drowsiness to a neurotransmitter, called serotonin that is indirectly supplemented by certain foods we eat. Serotonin subdues the electrical transmission between neurons, and can induce sleep. Small wonder that we find the mind is less than attentive after a big starchy meal. The amount of serotonin generated from a meal can relieve occasional insomnia.


Arvind Kumar

(Writer is Journalist and soft skill trainer).

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