Chaya- Our Companion for a Lifetime

Chaya- Our Companion for a Lifetime

Chaya- Our Companion for a Lifetime


Chaya; Incredible journey to recover from physical and mental losses and shine like stars.

Chaya means shadow

Like me, my shadow is also unique.Where ever I go, my shadow follows me. There is not a single moment where he has left me.

My unique companion in all my journey from an average person to a person with unique capabilities.

He stood before me, sometimes behind me. Each occasion was a moment having some peculiarity, teaching me some lesson.

Sometimes I learnt quickly, whereas, on other occasions, he had to remind me several times, but never the less left me helpless.

Chaya, I would like to attribute to the mental journey that I came across to fulfill the challenges which I, and you also would have to face.

This you could relate to your events of life, probably your spouse, your friend and even kids.

Each phase being tranquilized, vanished after some time. But the impression which is left is there to experience all our life.

Chaya can be attached to each and every phase of life.

Let’s make it more meaningful.

More interesting

By sharing all our experiences together, so the people who have not yet trodden on this path, would be careful. They would safely traverse their journey .

Maybe some of you are already on this path you may have exhausted all their energies ,looking and working hard to get the resources to overcome the situation , which may be dreadful for them .

Let  me share something really worthwhile .

Although here I am considering the people afflicted with distress are young and old, it’s equally applicable for everyonebe .

Please make sure that you follow whole article from start to end

Chaya would be a series of experiences to learn and uplift your existance without being judgemental and  move forward for success .

Part 1: devoted to our youth, specially teenagers

Emotional  Freedom Technique for teenagers and young adults.


Emotion is the canvas on which happiness is painted. Adolescence brings a lot of emotional trauma, long and scary nightmare about relations cool unacceptable ideas of life sometimes funky situations to handle

But, in reality! many a time, the situation is quite simple and explainable, acceptable by logical behavior. Perhaps its more of the wondering mind which squeezes all your energy by getting involved in a constant cycle of worries and fear. As rightly said by some great people, if its a situation which can be solved then why do you need to worry. On the other hand, if it has reached to a point where nothing can be done, worrying would just destroy our peace, hope, and future.

This  presumption causes incredible pressure on mind , thus mental and physical endurance is affected .

By centering your life on unnecessary debris of present and past, and of course not paying any attention to your present mental sphere, you cause unrepairable harm to your whole existence

Let’s discuss how and what way you can overcome this problem.


Part  2: Daily schedule  to release emotion

  • Open your eyes by expressing Gratitude to God
  • Turn left to stimulate lunar channel enhancing calm and relax attitude and mind for whole day
  • Check which side of the nostril is active. Kiss that palm.
  • Rub both hands till heat is generated and press eyes, head, forehead, beneath eye, cheeks, lips, neck shoulders, arms, wrist, and fingers
  • Express gratitude as you move hand from one part to other
  • Affirmation fills your life with the fuel to acquire all sort of dynamism in life.
  • I am a magnet to attract love, life, happiness, and peace.
  • Repeat this with full confidence at least 21 times.

Emotional freedom technique :

  • Tap on karate point
  • One inch below thumb on the back of the hand and repeat while taping.
  • I love and accept my self completely.
  • Repeat it 21 times.
  • Repeat the same on
  • Centre of for head
  • On the inner corner of eye
  • On the outer corner of eye
  • Midway on the center of the nose and upper lips.
  • On the collarbone
  • Centre of armpits
  • Each place 21 times
  • Choose a short and precise sentence to affirm your situation
  • I am fully relaxed, calm and control over my life
  • I choose happiness and relaxation for today and each day of my life.
  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  • I see my health issues disappearing.
  • I am enjoying radiant health.
  • Health and prosperity are an integral part of my life.
  • I choose success, prosperity, and abundance for each and every moment of my life.
  • You can choose any one as of your condition.
  • Repeating it regularly releases the emotional clutter that we all carry.

Hence a lighter feeling is observed very soon.


Anxiety  and depression in teenagers

Nuclear families, Chaotic schedules, frequent traveling, long and uninterrupting working culture has made modern life very tiresome leading too much stress on the teenagers .

Teenage requires more attention. A child is still not grown to handle his or her physical and mental changes which is occurring in his body .This confusion also could be the main reason why your teenager is anxious or depress too often

Let’s see , What can be done to rectify this problem?

  • Spending more time  outdoor , may be in any activity or hobby or just a stroll specially at rising or setting sun, can surprising relieve his anxiety. As sun shine at this time promotes the harmonal influxes , to correct more or less any problem .
  • Emphasize on a discipline life .Let him or her has understand the importance of discipline .Ask him to adhere to a regular time and schedule for every thing .
  • You being parent help him to regulate all his habits and fonding for the food but at the same time screen all his details pertaining to eating , drinking , sleeping and work .
  • A little mislead information could easily lead your prince or princess into any sort of addiction . Prevention is always better than cure .A small screening could be just what you need here.
  • Try to make him or her practice balance in each and every sphere of life . This is the most important aspect for them to understand and implement in their life .
  • Kids are basically faithful to their parents, sibling and other familiar groups but our confusion or involvements in mundane life activities make them adhere to other sources, which according to their age or class not suitable .
  • Clinging to those unreliable sources, start the path of deviation . He would be on phone all the time, may start smoking or other addictive pattern. The more you threaten, the less they are likely to respond.
  • Give him the freedom to  do what he want but be sure to Screen, observe , priortise all  personal and professional desires  Let him be the ruler .   Organizing everything all by himself. Don’t judge or critize any situation .
  • Do make sure that he or she get inolve in regular physical , mental exercises . This automatically stimulates his understanding about life and to deal different people too.
  • Make sure to start his day before sunrise to avoid hasty situation leading to anxiety and pressure .
  • Please do spent a few moments just appreciating few things about him .
  • If he has some time before starting his day for school , Ask him to spare a small time  either devoted to  prayer, , silent meditation, colour or japa or positive affirmation .Give him the choice and  keep a keen observation on his eagerness to follow it .
  • In the time of any upset situation , or trouble time  , teach him conscious breathing, spending some quiet time in open space or a simple walk barefeeted on a natural sandy area can also uplift physically and mentally.
  • Good or bad, make him understand you stand with him . He should confide in any situation with you only . No outsiders would be permitted .
  • Early morning consumption of wheatgrass or pomegranate , apple  or strawberry juice or whole fruit also helpful to reduce depression.Wholesome  and live nutrition is itself the best way to deal with all stress and anxiety issues .
  • Whole body stretches, yogic asana with internal purification program, and naturopathic cleansing technique like enema, friction, mud, and localise steam and sauna could also be use to relieve physical or mental pressure .
  • As far as possible , increase the time you spend with your child, give him the chance to express his ideas , his understanding about the whole scene . Don’t just push him into medication, counseling and treatment unnecessarily . As things proceed he may find the answer himself only .


Let your child at any age understand how and when to  respond.Stop him , if he is reacting .

Learning the difference between two , would be his reflection of life , what he will choose

Not a forced decision , but a wise choice to live and enjoy at any situation .

Every such moment will be a moment of pride for the parent.

You ‘all live a life full of happiness




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Aparna Posted on5:38 am - Jan 10, 2018

A lovely post with practical tips.

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