Not all the answers I know

Not all the emotions I show

Not all the roads I have traveled

Not all the mysteries I have unraveled

The path is uncertain and hazy

All that once seemed to be adventurous now seems crazy

Welcome aboard, the voice inside exclaims

How much it is fun exploring this new game

Gush the adrenaline in me soars high

A gigantic tide of moments pass me by

I am taken aback by my own self now

Tell me who I am

When I can be more than what I am now

This is ridiculous, the voice speaks

This is exactly the state you wanted to be in

The highest form of aliveness just makes me impressed

Whatever it is 

I gain something when I am expressed

All that is possible now

Also once seemed to be a fiction anyhow.

Its clearly hazy, its not perfect as you thought it would be. You seem to be losing the grip.

Hold on, the ride has just begun. What makes you come till here because somewhere you always wanted it to be. Its hazy today it will be clear tomorrow. Don’t doubt be with it and  keep growing. The entire universe is in us!!