God is tired and retired

God is tired and retired

God is tired and retired

Varaaha Series by B S Ranganath

God made this earth a heaven for humans and other living beings. He gave Air,Water and Soil for the well being of all. Man went on enjoying God’s creation without a sense of responsibility towards environment and climate. Now the earth is getting hotter. The climate is undergoing change with debilitating effects. Glacial melting, droughts and reduction in farm output have struck man with panic.

Any amount of prayer in all prescribed forms of various religions could not bring man down to earth, and help his contemporaries in maintaining good climatic condition. Scientists, who were once dubbed as impostors of God, found out that increased global temperature was the result of human activity and not of natural causes. Man realized that he has to do something to save the earth, from the dilemma of climate change.

The Kyoto protocol of 1997 and the Copenhagan conference of 190 countries are the forward steps taken by all the countries unitedly, to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Automobile companies are busy since then, in producing fuel-efficient vehicles. Alternate fuel technologies are also gaining momentum.

It is possible that scientists, technicians and politicians join hands and make the world free from harmful emission. But there is a lingering fear that it is hard for man to come out of hatred, intolerance and cruelty. Religion and fanaticism feed these feelings in man, and makes his life miserable on earth.

Once the Angle Gabriel visited Hazarath Muhammad and told him that he was the messenger of Allah. Hazarath Muhammad began to preach Islam obedience to transcendent but compassionate God. He gained disciples but also acquired enemies who planned to murder him. He was forced to flee Mecca to Madina. Muhammad’s followers defeated Meccan forces. Muhammad not only won the control of Mecca, but also all of Arabia.

Jihadis’ central doctrine of Islam is believed to be fulfilled in four ways – by the heart, the tongue, the hand and the sword. Sufism, a branch of Islam, recognises the first way – the struggling against evil desires – as the greater Jihad. The second calls for verbal defense and right actions. Jihad of sword involves waging war against enemies of Islam. But Jihad of 20th and 21st century is sometime used as an ideological weapon in the effort to combat western influences and secular government, to establish an ideal Islamic government.

A political / religious faction and militia called “Taliban” captured power in Afghanistan.Taliban instituted a strict Islamic regime. Its social policies almost removed women from public life.Therefore it failed to win International recognition.Taliban converted Afghanistan into a safe haven for Islamic extremists.Its unwillingness to extradite Osama-bin-Laden and members of his Al-Queda organisation following September – 11 attacks, led to military conflict with US and allied nations.Taliban and Al-Queda found their hide-outs in the hilly regions of Pakistan, another Islamic Country. Slowly Pakistan began to feel the agony of the presence of extremists of their own religion.Now Jihadis, the so-called saviors of Islam, are spreading deep horror amongst the innocent Muslims of Pakistran.

Artwork by Late T R Varaahamurthy, M.A.

On Christmas day, 2009, Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian Muslim attempted to blow up a US bound jet.The explosives sewn into his underwear failed to detonate and the passengers jumped on him.This failed suicide bomber confessed that he was trained by an Al-Queda bomb maker in Yeman. Al-Queda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility for the attack. Hillary Clinton said, “The instability in Yeman is a threat to regional and global stabilty. We know that it is a difficult set of challenges but they have to be addressed”.

Suicide bombers who die while killing many innocent people including faithful followers of Islam cannot call themselves Jihadis. Their action is against the wishes of all merciful Allah. These terrorists who call themselves as Jihadis die like cowardly criminals.Their act in no way helps Islam. Instead it harms the peace-loving Muslims all over the world.

Subsequent to the fall out of Nigerian Muslim’s failed attempt to blow up a US bound jet on Christmas day, 2009, America introduced full body scans at airports to check people who fly to US from 14 Muslim countries.These Muslim nations are unhappy thinking that everyone of their nations are subjected to humiliation, when it was a crook whom they disown, has committed a terrorist act.

God is believed to have remained in India during the days of Mahabharatha as Sri Krishna. He created four classes in the society depending upon the nature and ability of the people. These four classes have responsibility towards society as a Teacher, a Warrior, a Merchant or a Common worker.These classes are supposed to be inter-dependent and treat one another with equal respect. But the exploiting tendency of the humans created more number of castes, infused the feeling of high or low status and ruined the harmonious life of Indian society. Indian religions taught fearlessness, non violence, tolerance, truthfulness and mutual respect. But today there are some fanatics who use religion to acquire political power by instigating fear, hatred and violence in masses. God is unable to punish wrong doers. No religion can bring God to enforce a common law, to make human beings live together with respect to one another.

Now it is for man to find a global order which makes humans work together, coming out of the shell of all kinds of divisive forces, reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, and live in this world happily together.

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