Someone rightly said, “Being happy never goes out of style!”

Most people are getting serious about everything in their life these days, they   spread talks which sound like: “life is a struggle,” “living routine life what else,” “nothing much! same old thing,” “life has become hell,” “I’ll be happy when I become a billionaire,” “being positive is bookish, be practical.”

People walk around with a strange frown on their face.  Hundred things to do occupy their mind space one after the other.  They breathe without even being aware of it for the grace it gives to our days.  Most of them find smiling difficult thing or a sign of weakness in certain situations.  Being able to smile doesn’t demand one to be an idiot or a stupid.   It just means that one wants to break free from rigidity and lighten up.  Finding an excuse to laugh doesn’t make us look less worthy, it just improves our mood by tickling our funny bone.  Watching an amusing show or laughing at our own foibles helps us in being less complaining.  Humour has the power to combat dogmatic thinking without deriding others.

I have witnessed comedians who work so much with their props and expressions that words are least required and people break into infectious laughter.  Remember Charlie Chaplin? Psychotherapists believe that people who are stressed out start healing themselves if they engage in laughter matter regularly.  CEO’s and go-getters from all walks of life find themselves in stressful situations some or the other time for example in times of critical decision making.  Such people nourish themselves with an emotional plan which strengthens not only their immune system but also promotes better health.

We all know that nobody deliberately decides to be unhappy, sometimes things happen outside of their influence.  Bad things do happen but we strongly need to believe in making a choice, consciously, every hour.  Choice to be happy.  Choice to feel truly blessed with a baby’s smile or a giggle or a delightful wrinkle in an old man’s laughter.

Loretta LaRoche quotes it beautifully:

The older I get, the more I value a good laugh. Nothing puts life into perspective more effectively than seeing the absurdity in it.

Laugh, have fun and be grateful for what you have.  Laugh to soothe your soul.

One who chooses to laugh, chooses to be happy.